Rizal has its secret gem, the wonders of Tanay Rizal can be seen in its mountains, hidden falls, caves and friendly people. You need to go beyond their plaza, market, fast food chains and anything typical or common. You need to go deep…

PASEO RIZAL has always been a dream destination. If you love comfort food, nature and serenity, then you need to visit here. Near the area where Regina Rica and Daranak Falls is located, with just a few more drive you’ll get there.


I have always been in love with green, tall trees. So imagine the feeling of Baguio… It was about to rain, so there’s a slight cold breeze and darkening of the sky.





Good place to just sit, enjoy the scenery and have good conversation.


The foods served are typical Filipino meals, Tapsi, Bulalo, pancit etc. They also have sandwiches, nachos and drinks… The price range and food taste are okay, The thing to consider here is the PERFECT AMBIANCE, everything else just comes in secondary.



The place is inviting you to jog!























If you feel the need to stay a little longer, you can book a room. At around Php 2,200 (but you need to book ahead as they only have 2 rooms) you’ll be able to sleep late yet wake-up early to experience nature’s finest in the morning.


The place is cozy. It’s a Saturday when we went there, and they have this soothing acoustic performer. The place is packed with ART. It is everywhere! They have what seems to be a mini museum… and the main dining area has more painting too.



This is not your typical restaurant with one floor setting. They have stairs that you can get your pictures taken, which leads to other cottages with a greater view than the first one you’ve chosen… As i said you cannot seem to decide on which table to stay!

IMG_1863IMG_1860One of the best places I’ve been to with good and prompt service, dining and accomodation. Very nice place indeed! Will definitely go back with someone special 🙂

See it on your own and experience PASEO RIZAL.
More know about them in their FB account.

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