BULAWAN Floating Restaurant (Pililia Rizal)


Bulawan Floating Restaurant Pililia Rizal (www.tribobot.com)

If you’re passing by the wide roads of Pililia Rizal,  you’ll never miss this floating restaurant. Tagged as Rizal’s top 1 restaurant by Ang Pinaka (show in GMA news TV), this place has been known to food lovers and is usually discovered by people who always looks for something new.

Since we have a house in Tanay Rizal, This is one of our go to restaurants. Road and Food trip –  all in one destination 🙂





The first thing you’ll notice once you enter the place is that its very spacious, relaxed, green, quiet and windy. A perfect place to eat and share stories. You can do fishing here and they’ll serve you the same fish you caught. You can have a fresh coconut to sip.




The cottages are big enough to accommodate 10 people. There are also seats around, placed near the water areas, under the trees etc.









There’s a variety of food that you can eat. Personally, I think the food is average. But the place itself is so nice and refreshing that their food isn’t really the star but the scenery and ambiance of the restaurant.

In one of our recent visits, we ordered the Sinigang special, 2 ensaladang mangga, sisig, 3 pcs chili alimango, 2 sago’t gulaman, coke in can. Our bill totaled at Php 1500+ (that’s for 8 pax).


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All in all, BULAWAN FLOATING RESTAURANT is a must try. Visit them to experience dining at nature’s presence.

Address: Km. 59, Manila East Road, Pililla, Rizal (It’s so easy to spot, you’ll never need a map. If you’re from Tanay area, just go straight on the hi-way, you’ll see their sign on the right side).


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