Happy 1st Birthday, Seb!

Our birthday month is over and so are the celebrations and now is the perfect time to blog before I forget the teeny tiny details of what seems my “hope to be a future business venture”… PARTY PLANNING.
At first, we’re thinking of doing it old school, you know the usual venue in your house, cooked meals, balloons and all… but considering the space, weather (soooo hot), parking spaces (which is a huge concern to MY DAD) and manpower needed we decided against it…

Birthday packages are a life saver! Especially for a new mom like me whose quite overwhelmed these days. Usual birthday packages come with a 3 hours use of an air-conditioned venue, food, host, party decorations, prizes, loot bags and a mascot appearance. So its a hassle free, just show up kind of party which is very appealing to me 🙂 A Jollibee party came to mind first because you know… kids. But the thing is, Seb still don’t know who the bee is. So not yet. Maybe on his 7th birthday.

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Happy Birthday, TRIBOBOT!

OCTOBER 15 – Don’t rain on my parade! Feel the joy on my special day :)… excited for my 27th, but I’ll be FOREVER 25. 

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

Birthday Month!


excited for the 15th! I’m turning 26 🙂

Chie’s Birthday Tarp

Chie's Birthday Tarp

Proud to present my sister’s birthday tarp that’s inspired by the biggest loser logo… It’s my creative gift to her 🙂