CUCINA Breakfast Buffet

I am never a morning person. It’s a bad habit, me always having brunch and skipping breakfast in favour of a longer sleep. But whenever I am checked-in a fancy hotel, I am up by 7 in the morning… for I will never miss the breakfast buffet. And so on our Marco Polo Ortigas Staycation, To CUCINA off I go!


After giving them our room number, we’re seated and given our choice of drinks. Mine was hot chocolate and my sister’s coffee. Like any other buffet there are different stations: bread, sausages, juices, cereals, salad and many others.

Warning: Pictures overload


I tried the green juice and like any other healthy food, It does not taste good, but you have to consume its benefits.



They have different gluten free choices which seems to be the “in” thing these days.


Cereals and dry fruits, perfect combination together with a bowl of milk


Jars of yogurt and mixed fruits . I tried the yogurt and well, same thoughts as that of their green juice.


Here’s one station that I truly enjoyed 🙂


Of course, Filipino food at its best.


Sad to say, their waffles and pancakes are cold and the honey / syrup taste different from usual.


The vegetable, pancit and sausage station.


Bread with different choices of ham and cheese.

  • I didn’t get a photo of all food stations. These are just the highlights as there are plenty of them.😊


The restaurant is open from 6:00 am – 10:00am and has a very fine selection. As mentioned in my hotel review of Marco Polo Ortigas the staff service is impeccable. The foods are inviting and so is the ambience of the restaurant itself.

To end, CUCINA is a very relaxed place to start your day indeed.


For reservations or inquiries: or call at (+632) 720-7720.


Let’s go eat breakfast,

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Food Tasting (in search of our wedding caterer)

So far the wedding preparations I had been to three food tastings already. All of them are mid-range in terms of prices. These are my must-haves in finding our wedding caterer:

Food – delicious and good serving
Styling – I have a vision of what my reception would look like, It needs to spell our theme: Modern Filipiniana
Service – courteousness and communicatiovn is key
Budget – still needs to be considered as we want to stick to our budget
And so after researching on forums such as the ever helpful W@W and GT. I am on my way to taste and decide.




Way before we start on our preps I saw their website, check their styling and packages. And so they are on top of my list when we started doing FTs. Since our church and reception is in Marikina City they will be very ideal as they’re from Marikina too.

Rates: Minimum of Php 470 per head and maximum of Php 820 + 10% service charge with tiffany chairs and styling

Easy communication with their AE and you get to talk to the owner Sir Jon Ignacio. All seems good in terms of styling and food serving. Their Fish fillet in warm salad, buco pandan and mango jello are good finds but I think they need to improve their dessert options (taste wise). I didn’t get the this-is-it feeling😑 so…

#10 Malaya st. Malanday, Marikina city | | 948-8150. 948-0053. 347-2229



Good food, style and price. They got it all! Its just that for me personally, something’s amiss. Again, No This-is-it feeling.

Rate: Minimum of Php 400 per head and maximum of Php 570 with tiffany chairs and styling

Their spanish beef kaldereta, fish fillet with tar tar sauce and almond buco lychee are delicious. The owner John Cruz is very knowledgeable in terms of styling and he really suggests ideas of what will make the event grand. There are many customers when we went there, some are already in their final detailing and paying the down payment to book them.

I highly suggest you try food tasting with them, and see for yourself. Really they’re a good find. It just that I guess they are not for me. 😑

5 MH Del Pilar st. Palatiw, Pasig City | | 477-4902. 401-9047. 345-7556



If you’re like me whose a stalker of W@W forums and GT you probably have heard of this caterer from almost all brides to be. It even has its own thread in line with K by Cunanan, Hizons and other high-end caterers.

All positive reviews! The only issue their having is that Anj the catering manager is hard to reach via phonecall or text. They have this solution though to call her early morning in their home phone. But as negative as it sounds, she’ll be very much available to you when your event is near, it sounds like priorities to me. Anyway, they said even if there’s no constant communication – she can deliver! 😁

When we had our FT in their place in Pasig, we met Anj very briefly as she’s on her way to an event, she seems very nice though. Their famous chicken flambe and fetuccine italianna are served, they are all very tasty. The korean pork is a little salty for me but the good thing is that you can ask Mama Del the owner and cook to tone down the mix. Btw, it is Mama Del who entertained us, she’s very endearing, and seems like your ordinary tita to talk to.

Rate: Minimum of Php 560 per head and maximum of Php 710 with tiffany chairs and styling


I did not book them on the spot, but I have a very good feeling about them, I am just thinking more about it but at the moment I am leaning to get them 80% (I guess you can tell based on my rave about them).

48C Dr Pilapil st. Sagad, Pasig City | 655-1114. 641-3423. 09167802705. 09989765001


Of the few online reviews I read about them, they said that the food is delicious and the serving is really generous but they are not yet fully into styling. More of old school styling if you check their site.

Rate: Minimum of Php 300 and maximum of Php 600 per head

I haven’t yet have food tasting with them, but I am pretty excited as they seem ideal in terms of location, service and budget.

21 Senga st. Calumpang, Marikina City | | 645-1041. 330-1289. 09179969819

5. IKO’S BREADS AND CAKES (wedding cake supplier not caterer)

Since we’re in Pasig area we decided to drop by the bakery as they have good reviews online too. The caramel cake and their bestseller moist chocolate cake is very affordable, be it one layer or for wedding cakes. Around Php 4,000 I think for the 3 layered cake. Note though that their cakes are dense and thick in texture. They have all different cakes for any occasions, their designs look good too.

6 East Capitol drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City | 474-3899


sorry for the low quality photo 😦

Most of the caterers where we had food tasting are mid-range in terms of prices, but they do have a lot to offer that I think can very well be in line with the top wedding caterers out there. I feel the need to create this blog post as there seems to be very little online reviews about them and me, being a bride to be in search of reviews really find those very few ones handy and reliable.

So here’s my two cents, hope you find it helpful for your wedding preps!

Still undecided,

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Foodgasm in Singapore

Prior to going in Singapore, I have researched on the foods that I should try.. I’ve prepared a list of my must try but when I get there I get lost in all the choices, Super Asian Food fest! Thai, Malay, Indo, Korean… you got it and many more! They also have western, and oh well too many to mention. And so let me share with you a few of my food bites in this Fine City.

As always in our first stop, since we seem to think that we have lots of cash to spend we eat in a place that’s fancier. MY GRANDMA’S PLACE in Chinatown.





Their broccoli is loooved, that crunchiness is just heaven. And the meat in itself is boring to taste but once you dipped it in their sauce, it becomes special 🙂 The meal cost us SGD 37 but then on the next meals we learned our lesson and so we were able to spend less.

Upon reading different blogs, I saw that one food to try is KAYA TOAST. And so when I saw one in Funan Digital Mall – Ya Kun Kaya Toast I know I needed to have one. Ya Kun Kaya Toast seem famous because there’s a long line on queue, which makes me more determined to taste it!







I ordered their bestseller, and Iced lemon Tea. verdict? Hmm, the toast is okay, the coffee is okay. Not a fan of the fresh egg. But all in all the kaya toast experience is okay 🙂 total price of this meal is SGD 7.



I didn’t get to take a photo of the food I dig in at Universal Studios, we had a western food and so I got the classic burger, fries and cheesecake combo, this one is delicious and so heavy, It was an unforgettable lunch. I was so hungry from walking that I’d completely forget about blogging.

I got to taste Hokkien Mee in Orchard Road… (SGD 5.80)


Next stop is somewhere in a mall, it looks like a hawker or food court. They have hainanese chicken rice, but here they refer to it as chicken rice only. The softness of chicken and richness of flavor is thumbs-up!



My sister ordered a korean noodle that’s so rich in flavor, the soup itself is divine, added with a bit of kimchi then yes, you get real good korean food.


I have last tasted Authentic Indian Food in Hong Kong Disneyland because some Indian eating next to our table and they seem to really enjoy it and so curiosity gets the best of me leading me to order one. And since then, It found a special place in my tastebuds. 🙂

So, when I get to Singapore Zoo and there’s this array of Asian food stalls, I went straight to Indian Food and ordered their again, best seller. And I was so happy to see their usual metal plate and unusual combination of spices and ingredients.


Their food has so many flavors as if there’s fireworks in your mouth!

The food in Singapore is cheap (that is straight forward). You get to have a full meal with drinks for SGD 5. And you get a lot to choose from, the choices are so many it has become so confusing at times, so I just look in a food and try to imagine what it taste like and If I get hungry just by looking at it, then I know I need to get that meal!

Just an advice, try to veer away from common restaurants whenever out of the country, try their local food, not only does it cost less it also gives you a feel of familiarity to the locals.

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Burgoo (SM Marikina)

This will be a straight forward entry about a simple lunch we had this weekend in BURGOO.








Once seated they’ll set up your table with crayons and paper to doodle in, mostly for the kids to play with but never too old for a grown-up… This is one of their originals, Burgoo style.

Looking in on their menu, you’ll get lots of choices to choose from. Our picks are:


Trio Fajitas (beef, shrimp and chicken combi)

Trio Fajitas (beef, shrimp and chicken combi)




























and for the dessert, we pass on cakes as we’re too full. and so this cookies and cream has been enough for our sweet tooth 🙂











Pasta, with Fajitas and that smoothie cost around Php 1,300 and the treat here is we get to have this discount coupon!









Great lunch at Burgoo SM Marikina branch… If you happen to be there, drop by and eat your heart out. They have nice service too!

check out their site here! 

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