8 Tips To Save Money On Groceries

Shopping and Sale. I used to associate these words with my clothes, shoes, and bag before but now they’re equivalent to that of Groceries – this is now my retail therapy. Do not feel sad for me because really enjoy it as it serves as my mini ME time aside from the usual series watching, social media surfing and eating I do whenever Seb’s down for the night.

And so being at it for a few years now, I think I can claim a little expertise on the subject and since Inflation reach its peak now and can really be felt.

Take this for example: I was ordering a cheeseburger meal in McDonalds the other day and to my suprise, it now costs Php 115.00 when before its only Php 85.00. This seems to be a negative impact of the TRAIN law but let’s not get to that.

As I was saying, now that all products and services have become pricey I want to share my little ways of saving in one of the biggest factors where the household budget is allocated. GROCERIES.




If you want to stay on budget then this is a must to avoid extra items riding on your grocery budget. Also, you can focus and read items more carefully, even to the point of comparing two items side by side leisurely.



The term “Takaw Tingin” has its basis. You feel the need to have it all because when you’re hungry everything seems so tasty right? Grab a bite first before going in. You’ll see its effect in your receipt afterwards.



If you are the type who shops every payday then most likely you already have a grasp amount of your groceries for the necessities only and know how much it spikes up when you added the luxuries. Bringing a calculator and adding in price of every item may be a tedious task but it serves as your guideline to be aware of your budget limit.



I’m sure you have your tried and tested products already and they sure come with the common brands we see on TV commercials. But do you really need a branded one for your iodized salt? baking soda? eggs? And other what nots. There are branded items worth purchasing and there are some that generics will do. It costs less but serves the same purpose. Once its out of that packaging you see no difference.



I do this for detergents, shampoo, soaps and other long expiry products because I find sachets too non-earth friendly to the point of just being inconsiderate. I also like those products with the +20% more claims. Wether its true or not, I fall for it hahaha.



There are usual deals in soy sauce and vinegar combo, toothbrush and toothpaste, napkins and panty liners, diapers and wipes. Either they are priced less or you get a freebie item, which usually are trial packs.



This does not take too much time, just stop in one corner and look into your basket to check your items and see if you missed anything or some pricey item/luxury had been in (that’s not supposed to be there).



We know how this works and if you are consistent enough, points accumulation is a breeze as one grocery trip costs more than a thousand now. And if you reach enough points, it can be use to purchase.


There goes my list and I hope this has given you some tips to apply on your next grocery shopping. Remember, sticking on a budget is good but not to the point of sacrificing quality. Smart shopping is key. Knowing your brands and when to settle should be balanced.


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Our BusinessCoach, Inc. Seminar Experience

What it feels like to be your own boss?

Having your own business seems to have many perks. The title of being a CEO? Your own time, good standing in terms of VISA applications and many others. But of course, you need to invest in effort and money and again, many others.

My sister and I have always been on this dream state of owning our own business. There are many ideas of what business to pursue but a pre-school / day care center makes the most sense since my sister is a teacher and she has a masteral degree which is a requirement to be a principal of a school and… Well, me to be more on the administrative, marketing and creatives side. The combination seems great.

And so, aside from research thru blogs, business books and asking friends who are pre-school owners, we decided to take it to the next level by attending a seminar with a professional speaker and there enters – BusinessCoach, Inc.

The company is a provider of quality business seminars which would enhance skills and contribute to entrepreneurial or career success. It is committed to keep abreast with the latest advances in the business, and focused on the strategic aspects of how to build and maintain a viable and profitable business.

 BusinessCoach, Inc. is involved in the stringent selection of a pool of speakers from all fields, trades, and professions. It hopes to provide valuable programmes that are applicable, timely, and significant. BusinessCoach Inc. hopes to make managers’ and entrepreneurs’ lives easier, better, and richer. (Grabbed from their website – http://www.businesscoachphil.com)

We attended the How to start and manage a pre-school or day center seminar.


We simply called their office to register, paid at BDO and send the deposit slip via email. Then comes their confirmation text and we’re set the next day.

The seminar is a whole day affair at 9-4pm, snacks and lunch are provided. The seminar room is comfortable. A typical seminar arrangement of handouts, slides presentation, group activity and question and answer, and to cap it all off – the class picture.

Our resource speaker, Mrs. Hovertalina Julieta P. Camba, MAED is very good. She came in well prepared with all the possible sample documents that she can provide us, a checklist for the DepEd requirements, samples of curriculum, sample tuition computations and other helpful materials. The discussion is very thorough from start to finish.

The majority of participants are educators who wants to put up their own school, and some are business partners like me whose there for support😊.


Anyway, comes the end we received our certification, gained some friends and somewhat sinks into information overload. I highly recommend this seminar and is very interested to attend all their other ones. The time spent and knowledge gained in the seminar is an investment already.


sorry for the quality of this photo 😦


To know more about BusinessCoach, Inc. here are their contact details:

Address: Unit 201 Richbelt Tower Condominium, 17 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

727-5628 | 225-6616 | 0908-3423162 | TeleFax 727-8860

Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.com | Website: http://www.businesscoachphil.com
Ready to be an Entrepreneur,

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COL Financial: Its efficiency and brand new app

I have been a COL Financial customer in 3 years now and I cannot be more than pleased with their service. Everything is just so smooth when it comes to online transactions. Right from the start, during my submission of requirements to open an account under their EIP program which allowed me to start investing with just Php 5,000. Up to funding my account and buying my  very first blue chip company JFC. Their efficiency is just what I need to inspire me to continuously increase my shares in the stock market.

Their customer service hotline: 651-5888 is also something that I should commend as everytime I call for any inquiries they always get me what I need. I haven’t tried yet their e-mail: helpdesk@COLFinancial.com but I’m sure it’ll be as helpful too.

Anyway, to add up more to their excellent service. COL Financial released their own App which makes it more convenient for us to check on our portfolios anytime, anywhere. You can also buy and sell shares right from it, with a few clicks here and there you’ll be able to transact in the stock market!


The COL Financial app is available both in IOS and Android. But if your searching it in either Apple and Play store you won’t find it.

You need to go to COL Financial website www.colfinancial.com then log in to your account, and go to downloads.

IMG_3952-0     IMG_3953-0

The usage of the app is user-friendly. It’ll come in easy If you’re already familiar with their online platform. All in all It let’s you do things that you can do via a computer in the convenience of your mobile.

IMG_3954-0     IMG_3951-0

Isn’t great? Now all you need is a good internet connection and a funded account to have enough buying power to buy shares especially now that the prices are crazy! All seems pretty red to me but if you’re in for the a long tem investment then it shouldn’t bother you. Instead seize the opportunity to buy shares at a low price.

COL Business Centre is located at 2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange road, Ortigas, Pasig City

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Well, there goes my two cents about COL financial and their app, and a few takes on the stocks too.

Claiming herself to be financial literate,


My little steps to financial freedom

January. The first month of the year where everyone is given a fresh start, a clean list and everything hopeful…

Since I claimed 2015 to be a more prosperous year, and the year where I’ll really start to build my financial investments I decided to start it with a BANG!  At 2013, I bought my first shares of stocks. JFC (Jollibee, my ultimate favorite among my stocks) and to date, it has given me 2 dividends already. And from there, I know that this investment will be something that needs to be hold onto for a long time.

Personally, and well as most of the financial advisors will tell you. You need these things under your belt to be considered, not rich, but financially stable.

1. Emergency Fund – Enough cash to cover unemployment, hospitalization and other “EMERGENCY”.

2. Stocks – Amount you’ll keep and wait to grow, i.e: to serve as your retirement fund.

3. Mutual Funds – Amount you’ll keep and wait to grow, i.e: to serve as child’s education fund and other plans (house, car, vacation)

4. Insurance – To lessen the impact of your accident or demise.  (If you’re a breadwinner, your capacity to provide), Money to help your beneficiaries get your assets from the BIR. Usually cost 20% of the asset value.

5. HMO or Health Insurance – Makes you worry free from hospital bills.

I am not saying you are not stable If you do not have these things. But personally, this is how I measure mine. And knowing that I have them makes me sleep very well at night.

  • And just this month… I get to open my first mutual fund under PhilEquity – MF Product: PhilEquity Fund… with NAVps price of 37.32 I will wait for a decade or so and see where it’ll take me. But, from research they are performing very well and continually beating the inflation rate. To know more, visit their website: http://www.philequity.net/ or visit their office at the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower. It will only take you 30 minutes to open an account.
  • I also attended Pesos and Sense: Basic Investing Seminar with Mr. Aya Laraya. And it was oh so worth it! You get a detailed information on the different types of investment. Can ask questions and get the answer of a professional financial advisor. You also get to take home a certificate. The venue is in the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower, Ortigas. (That building is the epitome of financial literacy).



  • Back to stocks, I recently purchased other companies such as ALI (Ayala Land), ABS (Abs-Cbn) and LRI (LaFarge).
  • And lastly, I joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. He’ll give you a list of stocks that you can buy and give you advice on when to sell, when to buy and when to hold. Plus spiritual readings to help you find peace 🙂

You guys, can make me rich a couple of bucks by joining too – click here: http://bosanchezmembers.com/amember/go.php?r=67847. If you joined through this link, Yehey! Thank you very much!

Hope you learn a thing or two, or simply just become curios enough to research more on this financial terms. My advise is very simple… START NOW!

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Save the Easy Way

Never spend your money before you have it.  -Thomas Jefferson 

Emergency Fund, Savings Account and even a few bucks in a piggy bank is a rare find in today’s young professionals. We often have this “purita on the last few days until the next payday” scenario. But when payday comes… “Let’s go out!” “Shopping – I deserve a reward for my hard work” and eating out on a new restaurant. Then minus the bills, bills and bills… the next thing you know  you’re thinking of bringing your own baon to save. Sounds familiar, right?

If your answer to every situation is yes then, you are a victim. (don’t worry you’re not alone as we’re on the same plate). Thinking now, don’t you think that its time to review your spending habits and change something? Well I do, and If you agree with me then let me help you.

I’d gathered the most suitable tips there is on most saving websites online and added some of my ideas too.


1. The correct saving formula is: SALARY – SAVINGS = EXPENSES

We do exactly the opposite of it. Saving of what’s left. 

But then think of it this way, As if your savings (usually a 10 to 20% of your salary) is a BILL that you have to pay every payday. A BILL that needs to be paid on time and consistently. And if you missed paying it, then you have to pay double the next payday.

2. Necessities first before Luxuries

The top example here would be when you do your grocery, you tend to buy too many luxuries (i.e: lotion, nail polish, moisturizer, chocolates, sodas, cookies etc.) that usually ends to you not buying the important items for the household. or if not, resulting to you being over the allotted grocery budget.

3. Do It Yourself

Hair color, Hot Oil, Manicure and Pedicure, Car Wash – These things can all be done in the house by yourself or ask someone for help. Buy the materials needed then do the service yourself, you get to do it in your free time in the comfort of your own home. Ask your kikay friend for that hair color – you get to bond and look good at the same time. (Saving you a 150 bucks if you’re used to hanging out at a coffee shop).

The old saying: Hitting birds with one stone (classic) 🙂

4. Withdraw money only from your bank’s ATM

Balance Inquiry (I usually look first before I withdraw, so If you have the same habit then yey!) Imagine the fee for a balance inquiry, you can use that as fare, reload etc.

5. Walk to wherever you’re going whenever possible

You need this. To be fit and to sort out your thoughts.

You can save tons of cash without the overrated gym membership that you rarely attend to. you can take the time to think about anything while walking or just enjoy the beat of your music. (I make this habit of counting the number of songs i’ll be able to listen to, and with that add on the minutes –  let’s say every song is around 3.5 minutes so if I played 4 songs then that’s about less than 15 minutes travel time. (but if you think its too much then drop the math 🙂

every amount no matter how big or small counts.

every amount no matter how big or small counts.

6. Eat at home more often

Eating together with your family is important and you also get to eat as many as you like (unlike the limited serving in the restaurants). and of course, your mother’s cooking is still the best.

7. Have your stock of food at work and bring your own water

Every pay day, buy some food to stock in your work so when you feel the urge to munch on something then there’s no need to go to a mini stop or 7eleven to buy that expensive chocolate or cookie.

Also, try to avoid buying coke and soda’s which will increase your risk of diabetes. Just buy that cute tumbler that you can use everyday, not only had you save your money but you helped Mother Earth too by lessening the trash from the bottled drinks.

8. Go 3 in 1 (Coffee wise)

If you are a coffee person, then this will save you big time as you still get the same caffeine but at a very low cost. With just the correct combination you’ll be able to perfect and match your favorite flavor in your over the hundred cup.

9. Restrain yourself from impulsive buying

Most girls are guilty of it. Had it ever happened to you wherein you buy a certain item because it looks good in the store but  when you got home, it looks different and you regret buying it.

Why not just look at it first and when you still think about it after a week or more,  then maybe it really is worth it. Most of our buys are just impulsive because it looks nice but in reality it really is not needed.

10. Stop that Magazine Subscription

You can read online. You can borrow from friends.

Really, after you read it once or twice, what do you do with it? It just piles up and eventually become trash. Personally, I find beauty magazines too commercialized as everything in it are edited. Nothing is printed without undergoing an editing software (believe me I am a designer).

11. You’re never too old for a Piggy Bank

Consistent saving at any amount will lead to a sum of money in the future. May it be of coins or whatever amount you can keep will eventually pile up and can be use for whatever purpose you may need.

Save, save and save!

Save, save and save!

So there you have it… This list is very suitable for me, I find it all applicable and I hope this does the same for you too. Just think about it and if it works for you let me know 🙂

Cash Dividend from JFC

Last Friday while checking on my email, A letter from COL financial made me smile :). It hasn’t been a month yet that I bought my first company and  I already got my first Cash Dividend from JFC! I am very happy about it and the continuous progress of the company.


cash dividend JFC













This is a very good start for me, I plan to buy more shares in the coming months, I am waiting for August which they say is the best month to buy stocks as the prices were low at that time. If it were true we’ll see…

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news and hopefully to inspire you guys to Invest NOW! I’ve seen in the news that we’ll have an Economy Miracle in the coming decade so why not be a part of it, and gain huge in the future!

To see my related post on my first company, click here.

To see my related post about the stock market, click here. 

Check out pesos and sense for more information on Financial Literacy, they have a lot of good stuffs.

Here are some quotes that I really like from pesos and sense:






















Learn, Save and Invest 🙂

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Go Banking with BPI


Banking Made Easy. Whatever bank uses such tag line should take a look on how well BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) does their banking, because they really made is EASY. With just a few clicks, without the the hassle of long lines, and going to their branch you’ve got all your transactions done in just one seating, all at your own time.


Simply enroll your BPI Savings Account to their Online Banking and voila! you are good to pay everything! One of the best things I got is their EPrepaid which really is a charming little card. It is a debit card that is a Mastercard so you will be 100% confident that your card is acceptable everywhere. This EPrepaid is enrolled under my savings account, so with my BPI app in my phone I simply transfer funds from my savings account to this eprepaid, all in real time. And another very efficient feature here is, you can check the balance of your EPrepaid just by going online and clicking on the balance inquiry image on their website.


I did an entry about this card, if interested click here. 

Another very good feature  which I just used this morning, you can reload your GLOBE/TM phone with their App.














Amazing, Efficient and Convenient. Good Job BPI!

I really recommend this bank… They are the best for me.

**note: I didn’t get any benefits/payment for this entry. This is all from my personal experience. They just did so good that I am ecstatic to share their good service. I am a very satisfied customer. 🙂

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I just invested in the Stock Market

It was way back in September that I opened my COL account, and its only now that I get to fund and BUY MY FIRST COMPANY. In all my research, I’ve always wanted a blue chip company, the “for keeps” as they say… Since I am a long term investor, which plans to keep my stocks for a long time (we’re talking more than 10 years here)… and they also said that you have to buy a company that you yourself uses, or is a customer of. and so I bought, everyone’s favorite: JOLLIBEE.


Why Jollibee? First, Its every Pinoy’s go to food chain, every parent brings their child here, its food services – so everybody… well eats, and lastly, their branching out internationally. Opening in Singapore, Middle East etc.


I am really happy with my timing because I’ve decided to buy JFC last Monday but since the Internet is a bit slow I got irritated and log out, and so today much to my delight JFC whose sells for Php 176 went down to Php 172… and so I grabbed the chance. I am using the EIP account from COL financial which is a starter’s program with a minimum of Php 5,000 you get to buy stocks.




I feel so empowered and kinda rich haha, knowing that a decade or more from now that small amount can lead to big bucks 🙂

How about you? Have you done something to secure your future no matter how small that step is? NOW is the time, start now and live a good future!

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Savings is a MUST

I am very determined to make 2014 my savings year, and so I am building this dream one payoff at a time. I do the classic “correct” formula of


I’ll say that since late last year I have been financially literate, and I plan to learn more, save more and hopefully, give more… I listed the following points that I hope to cross off at the end of the year and these are:

  • Stock Market – I want to buy a share of JFC
  • Mutual Fund – 30,000
  • Sun Life Investment and Insurance – 4500/quarterly
  • Maxicare HMO – 14,000 / semi-annual
  • Savings Account

I know I have lot on my list, but I think with the right discipline and determination I’ll reach this and… woah! what a personal achievement It’ll be… Being 26, things are getting serious now and stability and independence is a must 🙂

Upon reading on different blogs and financial readings, I read this two theories in which I can very much relate with.

30 days

Apply this against IMPULSIVE BUYING

How about you? Are you thinking of the future now or you’re still in the stage of spending all your money with a “I’ll-reward-myself” mantra? The most important lesson of all in saving is : START NOW! as time is the most essential thing here.

Let me share with you some of my financial reads online:






I posted an entry about STOCK MARKET 101… If you want to know the basics, click HERE.

A Libra’s guide to 2014

2014 is finally here… What’s ahead has always been a question to all of us whose curious. A glimpse of the future has always been a dream, Thankfully, there are horoscopes, astrology, card reading etc… that’s gives us an impression if not a reality of what is ahead.

And so for Libras like me, let’s see what 2014 will somehow look like.


Career would go into a phase of expansion after July 2014. There would be rise in activity, opportunities, expansion & hard work. While gains might not be to your expectation but still there would be some exceptional expansion and exposure to new areas.

A temptation to indulge in dangerous or illegal activity could come up too. You need to say no, clearly and without any doubts.

An overall easing of pressures and the beginning of a steadier period at work would commence after November 2014.


2014 will be not easy in terms of relationships during the first half of the year. Since last year there has been a trend of being dissatisfied in relationships whether in marriage or romance. This is largely due to an over expectation or unrealistic expectations from partner. This trend would continue till July 2014, once you cross this period your level of satisfaction will return in relationships once again. Even your personal temperament which had become very tough and demanding over the last one year would ease out substantially after July this year. There are chances that after this phase gets over; you might rush into a relationship which is not totally overboard. Certain secret relationships and connections are possible in the second half of the year.

Love life will be interesting and positive for you during the months of April, mid July to early August, September, mid October to mid November and most of December 2014. Second half of the year is more conducive towards building up better relationships


2014 would start off on an average footing as the year commences. Your expenses would be high & unnecessary expenses would come about mostly during January. Luck would support you till March, after which there would be high chances of losing money, wasteful expenses & indulgences as well as possibility of a severe financial crunch. This phasewould continue till May 2014 & utmost care as well as planning is required in finances.


Family matters might become a bit challenging. You need to be very careful about how you speak, because you might loose people around you due to your speech. Decision making could be very unreliable during the month of January 2014. Avoid major decisions. Overall still a good year.

This is just an impression, a guide of what’s in the future. Keep in mind that It is you who create your future, through your decisions, talents and relationship to others.

Just to add, here are some images that’ll describe a Libra.




Sources: www.indastro.com    www.free-horoscope-today.com     www.free-daily-love-horoscope.com