Rihanna’s UNAPOLOGETIC (the nth review)

UNAPOLOGETIC. Rihanna’s 7th album released in November 2012 is not fresh news  but since I am a late bloomer in everything, I finally had the time to take a listen and man, was I hooked!


Diamonds  is just a contender of the greatest song in the album, because all of it are such good music that there’s no skipping tracks.

But of course, everything has its highlights and favorites, and so here are my top picks:

No Love Allowed (Love the Barbadian Touch!)

Lost in Paradise 

Her collaboration with David Guetta (remember Rihanna’s feat in his album – Who’s that chick? Awesome!) gives such cool flavor in their song “Right now”. Eminem’s Numb and of course, the controversial duet with BF Chris Brown “nobody’s business” speaks for itself.

As for the slow songs: What now, displays Rihanna’s good vocals, while Stay displays her emotions.

Love without tragedy – Mother Mary is a confusing track for its sudden drop of tune. I love the first part though… Loveeeee Song featuring Future has the same tune with one of Eminem’s track in his Recovery album (I’ll be having a review for this one too).

Well, there goes my amateur review of Unapologetic. Listen on the tracks and If you agree on my top picks, then please drop me a line just to make me feel happy, eh?






her fan, TRIBOBOT 🙂


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