A late review of Katy Perry’s PRISM album


I have always been a late bloomer on everything… but the thing is I always get there, its just that I TAKE MY TIME.

Katy Perry’s PRISM is a new discovery, though its released was way back October 2013 It is only now that I am loving it.


I’m not much into the album cover, but I guess it illuminates her vulnerability and maturity which she aims to portray in this album. ROAR her first single in the album describes self-empowerment which I find very effective, and I love her on the video too.




For her 4th Album, I’ll say that this has an inconsistent theme on it. The transition of track to track affects the whole beat of the album making me the listener go from upbeat to slow then up again.

I have four top songs here and the good thing is they are tracks 4 to 7. Unconditionally (though there’s an awkward feel on the way she fits the word on the notes) has a good feel of drama in it. Walking on Air has just the perfect beat. Dark Horse has a thug’ vibe, and This is How We Do… is a happy song. RESPECT!


On a side note: Katy’s collaboration with boyfriend John Mayer  for WHO YOU LOVE is fantastic! especially with their vice-versa lyrics of “My girl, she ain’t the one I saw coming…”

John Mayer Katy Perry Who You Love

To sum, PRISM is a good album, may not be her best but it has offered us tracks which we can always go to If we’re on a certain mood and wants Katy to sing for us 🙂


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