Logo Design

designer label 4

I’ve mentioned somewhere here in my blog that I am a graphic designer /technical director in an advertising /events company… Along comes with the job is logo development. This can either be simple and wayyy too hard If your creativity suddenly went on vacation, which usually happens to me this past month, I don’t know why, but maybe I need to take a time off away and do some soul searching or just look for inspirations.

For my 4th designer’s thought entry, I’m going to share with you a few of my created logos, some have been approved and published while the others just stayed in my hard drive…

fusian 1



(I hide some elements for the sake of our client’s identity)

Here’s a commoner: Have you ever had the situation wherein you need to present different studies and you really worked your head off that one design and there’s another design that you just did just so you’ll have another one to present that you did within just a few minutes… come decision and approval time: they liked the rushed one instead?…

Logo development / design is always an opportunity to  be free. To give what you have to offer as an artist… This is designing at its best. 🙂

Design away! – tribobot


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