Calling Cards

design header copy

A CALLING CARD or YOUR PROFESSIONAL IDENTIFICATION is very crucial to get clients. This is your chance to get their attention. A first glimpse of your creative value. Since the canvas is so small you only get to put the basics and a few designs so as not to get the card look to crowded or too bland and simple. Upon looking in the net and my favorite PINTEREST. I’ve gathered some eye catcher designs and near the end of the entry has decided to paste my personal designs, just for fun.



Interesting cards with colors and textures, and a play on words. The materials use for the printing of these cards play an essential part as it determines the presentation and lifespan of the card. Usually the color play on the shades of the logo and the designs of course is in line with the services of the company.

The designs below are studies for my own company. These are yet to be approved and revised, the details aren’t final yet. But overall, I like this designs. The 3rd one is my personal choice.

sultana card 2 copycalling card AGI  copycc 2 copysultana calling card copy

Calling Cards can be overlooked nowadays, but these comes in real handy especially if a business venture arises unexpectedly. Be ready and have one, and If you are able to design the card yourself, good for you, more reason for you to give them away proudly.


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