About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog where I share things “MOMMY” which covers pretty much everything.

Join me with my toddler SEB as we explore, learn and mess up all over the place.

From toddler activities, recipes, how to, tips, product reviews and reflections to name a few I got you covered. All relateable I guarantee as I discovered that Motherhood is one big community and everyone is willing to share their thoughts and experiences… at night while enjoying their alone time next to the sleeping baby.

Happy reading and I hope you found whatever it is you’re looking for when you visit my blog.




Please note that this blog has been with me since 2013 and so are the past about me…

Dreading my incoming 30th, I strive to live in the most passionate way I know. I dream big, love unconditionally, and live more than my means 🙂 I am in love with Nature, Pugs, Language (my few known Spanish phrases) and the Arts. Healthy living has always been a dream.

I started this blog as a journal but later realized that Information dissemination makes more sense… Plus feedback make me feel good and knowing that I made something worth reading makes me smile  and gets me more energized to write. Travel has never been more fun now that I am sharing my thoughts and experiences with readers.

I am a Graphic Designer for an Advertising and Events company.

*This 2015, I claimed that Financial Freedom is mine!

  • In addition, I am soon to be Mrs. H… so expect the blog to become quite a wedding blog too among its many faces.

** 2016 seems to be my commitment year. I got married last January 7 and conceived our honeymoon baby! This blog just got serious, and so let me share with you some wifey and soon to be motherly post. Life just gets better! Grow and learn with me 🙂

** My son has arrived in this wonderful world! Welcome to life my Sebastian! Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you. We love you to infinity and beyond 🙂 10/07/2016



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