My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years Of Blogging

My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years of Blogging (

This year I celebrated my 5th year of blogging and I am both ecstatic and emotional. Back reading from my first blog post in 2013 I am proud to say that I have gone a long way and improved my blogging skills.

Read my first ever blog post here: One Step At A Time.

Years of being in the blogging world exposed and trained me to adapt on this ever changing platform so as not to be left behind.

Anyway, enough with the drama. Let’s get you what you clicked for!

My Top 5 Blogging Tips from 5 Years of Blogging

1. Be Consistent.

This will keep your blog alive. No post from you for a long time? Your last post was buried in the sea of latest ones. Your pins stayed on your board and your social media posts may as well have been forgotten. These are all true, unless your past posts went viral and have super stats.

You need to keep your presence known and make some noise through promotion which I will discuss later.

One post a week is good, two is better and three or more is the best. But of course, this is all ideal. For a busy mom like me, one post a week is all I can muster. But the thing is, that one post a week is a package. Meaning, I write my post, publish it, create images and pins, promote and interact with mt readers.

This consistency will give your blog more content. Making you more searchable, be recognized as a reliable source and hopefully, be known in your chosen niche. If you achieve this stability your blog will need less babysitting as your content is already out there and making it on their own.

2. Your blog design and accessibility is crucial.

Your content is awesome but your website takes forever to load, your images are pixelated and your text are hard to read. Do not expect a visitor to stay and click on links because in the online world, appearance is everything.

Be mindful of your background, text, spacing, logo and color palettes. You do not need graphic skills to nail this one because as a reader yourself you know what is good and not. Also, there are a plethora of free theme templates you can choose from and with a few customization you’re all set.

One good tip: Ensure that all your images are labeled and tagged to your website.

3. Know your audience/niche.

I have learned this later on when I decided to focus on motherhood as my niche. Prior to that my blog’s tagline is “Anything under the sun” and that’s the broadest, most uncategorized niche ever – close to none actually.

Niche means interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

If you have your niche, you know who you are writing for, what they want and need. You’re aware of the questions they asked, the problems they need solutions for as you experience and looked for answers yourself. Writing from experience is effortless.

4. Promote

You just hit publish. Now what?

Next step would be to promote your post. Let them know what’s new and the best tool do that is through social media. That’s why its important to have an account for your blog.

Personally, the most useful for me is Pinterest and Facebook as these 2 brought more traffic to my blog aside from search engine.

For Pinterest, create a stunning pin with inviting title. You can create pins using Canva where you can choose from thousands of templates! You can do more than 1 pin and hide the others from your blog with a simple HTML code (which I will discuss on a different post). You can also join group boards. Also, Pinterest prioritizes fresh pins so create new pins for your old posts and revive it.

5. Interact

Your blog will flourish if you abide in the give and take process. Interaction through comments is my best bet because it gives your audience the impression that you listen.

Sharing other’s content especially in Pinterest (repinning) widens your views range. Some may disagree with me, but participating on Facebook group threads is a great way to network, connect and discover other mom bloggers. Just make sure that the groups you join are niche specific.

The blogging community is very welcoming, helpful and encouraging. Its a positive world to be part of. Especially the Mom blogging community as we get to divulge everything mommy and everyone’s like… Yeah, so relatable!

And this is where collaboration and guest post come in. I am yet new to this and just recently did a collaboration post and the outcome was awesome that I am wanting more. There are many bloggers willing to take time and share their ideas for your blog post. Just ask nicely😊

Read my First Ever Collaboration Post: Preschool Readiness Guide: How to Get Your Toddler Ready For Preschool.

Woah, just top 5 and its a long post! I hope I am able to give you some great blogging tips with these lessons learned.

Here’s an excerpt from A Celebrative Post For My 5th Blog Anniversary

To anyone who will read this blog post, This proves that a small step is all you need to start and someday you will look back and see the bigger picture on what that small step was able to do and had become. Consistency is both an effort and is the key. You need to make time for your dream to come true, to put your thoughts into action and work for it. The result will not be instant but one day you will see it as broad as the daylight – that that is where my hard work pays off.

Any additional tips you can share with me? I am no blogging expert and still has a lot to learn. Let’s discuss on the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years Of Blogging |

My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years Of Blogging |

My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years Of Blogging |


8 thoughts on “My Top Blogging Tips From 5 Years Of Blogging

  1. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing! I’ve only recently starting blogging frequently. As a mother myself, it’s tough with a young baby but we’re getting there. Wishing you many more exciting years of blogging!


  2. Am today 50 posts old and feel like a mini milestone is achieved!! Still way to go and now with Facebook reach shrinking, your tip to get traffic from Pinterest is a good bet. I hope to create pins and be there! Thanks!


  3. Great advice! i’m still not posting on Pinterest, I keep feeling like my voice doesn’t make sense for Pinterest and I hardly have the energy for a third social platform, but it’s interesting to hear that you get more traffic from that then Instagram which is where I put the majority of my efforts!


  4. Thank you for your insight! I was able to get some really good tips from this post. I need to work on my consistency. I am only two months in but I am learning as I go.


  5. Thank you for sharing your tips with us! I am very new to this blogging thing. I was happy to learn that i am already doing most of these but I need to figure out how to tag my photos and link them to my website. I’ll have to look into that more! I love using Canva’s templates as well for my website’s social media photos and I use Pixabay for copyright free images.


  6. Thanks for these tips. Currently, I’m struggling with writing consistently and promoting my content in SNS. I haven’t even started with page creation and account creation ( Ig, Pinterest, etc). Lots of stuff left to do but I’m super excited.


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