A Celebrative Post For My 5th Blog Anniversary

Happy 5th Blogversary Tribobot (www.tribobot.com)

Tonight I feel nostalgic and grateful as I look back on my past blog posts. Starting from my first entry way back in July 2013 entitled One Step At A Time. I can’t believe that its been 5 years now of sharing my thoughts and life moments! Wow, 5 years and still the blog is now more active than ever. It truly has grown with me.

The topic varies to “Anything Under the Sun” just like its first tagline. There’s the one where I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator through YouTube. When I discovered The Big Bang Theory. How I once kept listening to How I Met Your Mother Soundtrack. I also have my bucket list, my dream destinations, my staycation reviews, my first out of the country trip, my investments, things I found funny, my experience working in a BPO, how happy I am to be working in the events industry, my saving tips, my dog’s lost, my favorite actresses post, my album review, graphic design highlights and so much more. These are my posts when I was still single.

And by 2015, It has entered a new phase adding Wedding preparation and review posts, which I take pride up to now because It helped many brides in their own weddings. I usually get emails of inquiries about our wedding suppliers and it’s always a great feeling to know that they are interested in booking our suppliers based from our wedding. I even gain new friends because of these posts.

Come 2016 which I tagged as my Commitment year is when I get married and become pregnant. Hence, my posts about pre-gestational diabetes, hospital review, claiming of benefits, my trimester updates, baby shopping list and more. I am grateful to the first time pregnant me for taking the time to write all this helpful information which I will gladly read once I am expecting again.

And for its latest phase as a Mommy Blog. My thoughts on my newborn, breastfeeding, baby development, parenting, budgeting and even self-care and so much more ahead as this blog is my outlet. A piece of me whose willing to share.

Truly you have been with me in every way and I am happy that you are made with love and energy to stay positive and hopeful always.


I thank my 25 year old me for creating you on that one lovely morning of July 2013. With that simple One Step At A Time, it has all led to this. A big leap indeed!


I hope to see you grow more and find ourselves together still for many years to come as we have so much more to share and gain.

To anyone who will read this blog post, This proves that a small step is all you need to start and someday you will look back and see the bigger picture on what that small step was able to do and had become. Consistency is both an effort and is the key. You need to make time for your dream to come true, to put your thoughts into action and work for it. The result will not be instant but one day you will see it as broad as the daylight – that that is where my hard work pays off.

This post is in celebration of my 5th year of blogging and I am appreciative that you took the time to read this. Happy 5th Anniversary to us, Tribobot! Cheers to more years of sharing😊




24 thoughts on “A Celebrative Post For My 5th Blog Anniversary

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  2. Happy blogging anniversary, to put it in words! 🙂 A lot of you guys have changed in the span of five years — some got married, some moved to other places. But yeah, it just shows that things can and do change for the better. 😀


  3. Happy anniversary!
    Time is needed, that’s true. I miss the mornings when I used to write posts and translate the previous ones into English. Now I hardly find a bit of time to write a new post 🙂


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