Simple Self-Care Ways To Be A Happier Mom

Simple Self Care Ways To Be A Happier Mom (

Motherhood is a commitment. There are no backsies, once you are in, you are in for Life. To have someone depend on you for everything is a challenge. I mean that is a person! Whatever he will be in the future is on you. IT’S ALL YOU. And sometimes, such term can become too literal especially if you are a Stay At Home Mom.

It’s all you to prepare the food, to clean the house, manage the bills, take care of your kid and everything else in between. To take care of everything to the point of forgetting yourself. How selfless and servitude, right?

Hello, SuperMom! You are not alone. There are many in each household wearing the same badge and finding some ME time is what we all need to be renewed, energized and happier so we can take on life positively!

I have listed my personal ways to keep myself sane and happy to never get lost in all my roles as a mom. Let me share them with you and I hope it will help you to find your happiness too.

I am not saying that you are sad and lonely or something to that effect, what this is about is to find yourself some ME time to do Self-Care so you can pause, breathe and rest for a while to regain your strength to face your Mom Life again.

Self-Care Ways To Be A Happier Mom

Have A Routine

Toddlers are creatures of habit. Remember playing his favorite movie for the nth time? We just have to be consistent for them to adapt. Be it meal, bath and even sleeping time. They are more receptive because they know what is coming. No surprises and so less resistance. With such routine, everything works like clockwork and so we too as moms has control thus making our messy and loud house / toddler somewhat though not perfect, easier to manage.


I do not mean to put on your gym clothes and do some Shawn T Hip Hop Abs – well if you can, go for it. But for others whose energy is drained as it is…

A simple walk your dog will do. Plus, again it serves 2 purposes:

1. Your walking exercise

2. Bonding time with your dog. I need this because ever since I had my son I lost time to bond with my pug whose been my baby when I was still single. I am a pug mom too😊

A good 30 minutes is long enough to get your joints moving, embrace the fresh air and enjoy some quiet.


This is up to you if you want to simply jot down your thoughts or create a blog, but I strongly suggest for a blog so you can share your stories that may inspire others, lessons learned, wanderings and more. You will be suprised how relatable it is for many mothers, and be comforted that you are not the only one experiencing them.

I am always left empowered whenever I get to communicate and share thoughts with others through my blog. From the topics of wedding, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, being a toddler mom and even missing the single life! Mommy bloggers is such a huge and wonderful community as we all share the #momlife and everyone is willing to help.

Also, you get to practice your writing skills which may become rusty if not used consistently and if you put enough work, it can become your outlet where you can have the possibility of earning.

Eat Healthy Food

If you are breastfeeding, it is important to be aware of your diet as whatever you eat can be passed on to your child.

Side Story: I remember when I became addicted to this specific frap (a mixture of chocolate and milk) and consumed it for a week. After that Seb did not poop for 10 days! Imagine my stress and the doctor’s visit, fees and medicines only to realize that my diet is the culprit. Lesson learned indeed.

No need to expand on this as we all know what the healthy foods are. Try to avoid or limit fast foods and sweets and consume more water.

Personal Tip: I am still breastfeeding my 21 months baby and I have stopped taking Moringa vitamins and drinking milk but my milk supply is still consistent. Why? Because of unli latching, soupy foods and more water intake. These are guaranteed ways to ensure good milk supply.

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The healthier your food is, the more energize your body can become. Even on food the phrase “Quality over Quantity” applies.


Read a book, an article or anything that interests you. It gives you new knowledge, perspective and a sense of accomplishment especially if you just finished a book or novel. Let’s face it, we need more mature content to be expose with after a day of pixar movies and chu chu tv. These reads can also add to our intelligence and emotional being. We need to keep up with the times.

As much as possible, try reading from paper materials so as to rest our eyes from screen time. Yes, We too need to find alternatives for screen time. Ever heard of distracted parenting?

Pamper Yourself

You do not need a full day in a spa do claim the term “Pampered”. I tend to feel mom guilt whenever I leave my son to my family to either do errands, meet friends or have some ME time that’s why I am mostly at rush when I am away from him. Do you feel the same too? But I don’t feel mom guilt when I leave him with my husband though… I feel a sense of revenge hahaha!

With this, my pamper yourself means a new haircut, a foot spa, a massage, a face mask, new shirt, watch a movie, have a good meal etc. I do not see them as a reward but as a need to feel renewed. Its amazing how selfless you can become once you had a child.

Connect With Your Mom Friends

Big thanks to technology that I get to connect with my friends even If I am not able to go out the house to hang with them.

Your single friends may not get you at times and found you boring but your mom friends will totally understand. And the best part is when its already 1am and you finally have some alone time because your baby is down for the night, they are there to chat with you, like the many posts of your kids photo because they can relate!

Bonus: Do Your Groceries Alone

Come errand day when I need to go stock up on our household items, I go solo for 2 main reasons.

  1. So I can shop in peace and focus on my budget.

See my 8 Tips on How to Save Money on Groceries.

  1. Serves as my ME time. Where I can just go on my usual pace, actually listen to music and sing along (I have my earphones on while shopping).

To avoid Mom Guilt for not bringing my baby I buy him a snack or toy so he is excited to open them once I am home.

Also, I make sure to have a day where I bought my toddler to the store just to buy snacks. It’s one of our bonding time and he gets to choose the snacks he wants himself. One trick I use – put on canned goods in the cart so he has something to stock, pile up while we go rounds and it is effective!

Simple Self Care Ways To Be A Happier Mom (

Simple Self Care Way To Be A Happier Mom (
self-care ways to be a happier mom

As simple as they are, they give me the rest and quiet time I need. A little break is all we need, Its okay to put ourselves first every once in a while. After all, You can not pour from an empty cup.

How about you? What do you do for your Me time? Share them with me so I can add some more to my list.

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12 thoughts on “Simple Self-Care Ways To Be A Happier Mom

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    • Thank you for reading my post. I too try to squeeze some me time through out the day. Maybe with a little more adjustment I can do some walking and meditation too. Hopefully, alone😊


  2. Today, I decided to stay in my room until noon, quick lunch and back to my room until dinner. The 9 yrs old hadn’t bathe since morning but nah my voice wasn’t going to be raised today. I guess they had a great time outdoors too. I equally practice several of the other tips in your post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good for you momma, I guess as kids get older the more control we have of our time as they are less clingy (I hope). I am happy you find my post of interest to you. Have a blessed day always😊


      • Hahaha oh, older but different stage lol. You may have more control if you accept the fact that things will unfold they way they are headed (fun or fight you chose lol), and you carve a space for yourself amidst all that. My space is my loo cause even my own bedroom is gradually being taken over. I loved your post and will be back…which momma wouldn’t love where she can hang out with other mommas? Blessed day to us all always 😅


      • Oh darling wait, it is 3/4 mine because I only have it all to myself at nocturnal hours when they are sleeping. The last muskeet at 9 yrs still makes like a baby and boyfriend – since there is even none around lol

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Having a routine and exercise. Just a simple walk, even with my toddler relaxes me. Sadly we couldn’t do this more often lately as it always rains at night.


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