Confessions of a Drama Mom


Who would have thought that planning Seb’s 1st Birthday will be a pickle.

Upon discussing my woes to my husband he told me this: “Event planner ka pero nahihirapan kang planuhin ang birthday ng anak mo?” Well, this hits me hard.

Torn between being grand, practical, traditional and everything in between. There are several factors to play with…

  • He will not remember his 1st birthday
  • It is not for the baby but more for the parents, people around him is why there is a party
  • This will only come once in his life
  • 1st and 7th birthday are the must celebrated ages

Present day: I don’t know whose talking here, why am I being a drama queen typing that eh? Of course its my son’s 1st birthday and there’s NO way it will not be celebrated. And so wear that party hat because it is ON 😊😊😊 woot woot!




3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Drama Mom

  1. it IS a lot to think about, especially when it comes to your own personal events, as you want it special and meaningful and practical at the same time. i can imagine that with work, you probably just deal with the technical stuff. not to mention that you’re working with other people’s budgets so it’s not really your money to spend.
    i, for one, thought that first birthdays are so overrated. all these bongga parties for babies who won’t even remember the day and might even just doze off halfway through it. my daughter’s first birthday was a very intimate one and i wouldn’t have had it any other way. her birthdays for the next several years would probably be the same, as i can’t be bothered stressing myself over event planning. hahaha.


  2. I believe that there are no rules in this and that everyone should do what they believe is right for them. If you want a big party for you child just do it! Even if everyone else tells you otherwise. After all, it is you who could eventually regret you did not follow your own wishes 😉 xxx


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