My Second Trimester Checklist

It really is the happy and all-changes-occur trimester!

From my weight to breast to bump – all things has double its sizes. Prior to pregnancy, I weigh in at 52 kg but comes my 25th week I have doubled to 64 kg! But I expected that as I mentioned in my first trimester entry that I am under the impression that I need to eat for two. Now I know better huhuhu…

To keep in line with my trimester series, Here are the highlights of my Second Trimester:

  • On my 24th week I had my Congenital Anomaly Scan at In My Womb Megamall and we’re very thankful that all is well with our baby.
  • Gender reveal. I have learned of the baby’s gender as early as 18 weeks but didn’t shared it to anyone until 21 weeks as I want to have my husband with me during the ultrasound for him to personally see that it definitely is a BOY!
  • Thinking out the baby’s name. From Lucas, to Noah, to Adam, to my husband’s junior until we came up with SEBASTIAN (The name Sebastian is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Sebastian is: Venerable; revered, respected and honored). And so we’ll soon see our son SEBASTIAN CASTANEDA HAMOY aka SEB.
  • On my 28th week, the secret is out that I have a history of Diabetes from my parents and so the request for Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and the result is: Borderline to having Gestational Diabetes.
  • As I am energetic at the time, we decided to have a hospital tour to familiarize ourselves of the place where I plan to give birth. See Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour. but nearing my due date, I am thinking to have my childbirth at Manila East Medical Center instead as it is nearer our house. Anyway I promise to put either one’s services once I am done with labor.
  • The bump shows! from peach to papaya that’s how they describe the baby’s growth and so comes the huge bump. From my ultrasounds my doctor tells me that baby is one week larger for his size, and so comes the verdict to DIET 😦 Oh, and comes with the growing baby bump is my struggle to sleep.
  • Stretchmarks. They creep in at my 27th week huhuhu.
  • I had a mini scare when I reached my 17th week as I experienced light spotting (brown color – old blood) and abdominal cramps. My doctor gave me UTROGESTAN which is a progesterone for baby’s “pampakapit” I used it vaginally for a week. I also went immediately to have an ultrasound and thankful that after 3 days the spotting went away and the baby’s heartbeat is good.

Yes, the changes turns 360 degrees but I am happy with all of it as this proves that the pregnancy is progressing well. I have immensely enjoyed my happy trimester thanks to that energy zap. And now as I am presently experiencing my 3rd trimester I’ll say its not so bad, but the waiting and countdown really is a distraction. To be thankful or dread it, that I’ll say both 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Second Trimester Checklist

    • It was pleasant😊 Upon arrival pa lang okay na agad kasi nag fill out na ako ng form days before so diretso na ko agad sa delivery room. The hospital staff are all attentive and nice especially those in NICU. The food is good and masarap naman. The rooms are spacious enough for visitors. As for the price I think its worth it naman. If you have HMO much savings. Just get your papers ready para less hassle -philhealth, marriage cert etc.

      You can check my Birth Story and other pregnancy related post for more details. Hope this helps!


      • Thank you .. Super lapit lang nito samin but wala palang akong nakikitang feedback and or good reviews.:)
        Is t ok as well to share how much over all expenses mo.:) though OB already provided me an estimate pero baka lang you can share your actual expense


      • Normal delivery ako under HMO and philhealth so ang pinakabinayaran lang namen is yung hospital bill ni baby since nag NICU sya for 3 days kasi kailangan nya ng antibiotic dahil nakakain sya ng merconium/pupu nya during labor 22k hospital bill ni baby + pedia fee 12k so 34. Less yung philhealth ni baby na 15k so pinaka cash out namen is nasa 19,000. Kung wala ako HMO siguro around 30k kasama na doctors fee dun, pero mas maliit pa kasi less si philhealth. Sana hindi magulo reply ko hehe.


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