My Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

My OB has spoken. I am in for an ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST (OGTT), The basis? well first of, it is now a standard procedure done to all pregnant women in their 24-28 weeks. second, my family tree seems to have all bear the “diabetes” fruit and lastly, my weight gain betrays me 😦

The preparation is to fast for 8 hours without food and water which is fine by me since I am asleep most of the time, but since my clinic is inside a mall, I waited for it to open at 10 in the morning and so my fasting lasted longer than 8 hours, considering that the procedure took 3 hours to finish.

They first took my baseline test. The first blood sample is used to measure the level of sugar in your blood when you’ve been fasting. Then they gave me a sweet, sugar concentrated mixture to drink. An hour after drinking the sugary drink, they again, took my 1st hour blood sample and again, after another hour for the 2nd hour blood sample. They asked me to stay within the clinic while waiting for my extractions so as to avoid fatigue that may affect the processing of glucose in my body.


The blood extraction weren’t that bad, thanks to the very careful and professional lady that took it. But its the dizziness – my body’s reaction from drinking the concentrated mixture combined with the hunger that bothers me.

Anyway, after the test I rewarded myself with good food. No sugar.

Based from my results, I think I barely passed. “Think” and “barely passed” are the words because I have not yet visited my OB for interpretation.


My OGTT was done in MedCentral at SM Taytay and it costs Php 1,000. My health card ASIANLIFE does not cover it since its not a routine procedure for a sickness. (They don’t consider Pregnancy as a sickness – as most or all health cards do). But a bright side here is, they cover my doctors fee for consultation. As well as some of the laboratories such as urinalysis etc. Good thing that my doctor is an OB-Sonologist so her consultation comes with a free ultrasound (It’ll be a hassle and quite costly to pay for an ultrasound separately).

MedCentral SM Taytay | Basement 1 Bldg. B, SM City Taytay Dolores, Taytay Rizal | 0939-6072700 | 02-5703191

There’s my experience for the OGTT. I hope that I am able to help other pregnant ladies out there who research the procedure prior to having it as I did before I had one.

27 weeks exactly, 13 to go… and baby’s out!

Praying for a normal and safe delivery,

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