CUCINA Breakfast Buffet

I am never a morning person. It’s a bad habit, me always having brunch and skipping breakfast in favour of a longer sleep. But whenever I am checked-in a fancy hotel, I am up by 7 in the morning… for I will never miss the breakfast buffet. And so on our Marco Polo Ortigas Staycation, To CUCINA off I go!


After giving them our room number, we’re seated and given our choice of drinks. Mine was hot chocolate and my sister’s coffee. Like any other buffet there are different stations: bread, sausages, juices, cereals, salad and many others.

Warning: Pictures overload


I tried the green juice and like any other healthy food, It does not taste good, but you have to consume its benefits.



They have different gluten free choices which seems to be the “in” thing these days.


Cereals and dry fruits, perfect combination together with a bowl of milk


Jars of yogurt and mixed fruits . I tried the yogurt and well, same thoughts as that of their green juice.


Here’s one station that I truly enjoyed 🙂



Of course, Filipino food at its best.


Sad to say, their waffles and pancakes are cold and the honey / syrup taste different from usual.


The vegetable, pancit and sausage station.


Bread with different choices of ham and cheese.

  • I didn’t get a photo of all food stations. These are just the highlights as there are plenty of them.😊

The restaurant is open from 6:00 am – 10:00am and has a very fine selection. As mentioned in my hotel review of Marco Polo Ortigas the staff service is impeccable. The foods are inviting and so is the ambience of the restaurant itself.

To end, CUCINA is a very relaxed place to start your day indeed.

For reservations or inquiries: or call at (+632) 720-7720.

Let’s go eat breakfast,

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