My Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

My OB has spoken. I am in for an ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST (OGTT), The basis? well first of, it is now a standard procedure done to all pregnant women in their 24-28 weeks. second, my family tree seems to have all bear the “diabetes” fruit and lastly, my weight gain betrays me 😦

The preparation is to fast for 8 hours without food and water which is fine by me since I am asleep most of the time, but since my clinic is inside a mall, I waited for it to open at 10 in the morning and so my fasting lasted longer than 8 hours, considering that the procedure took 3 hours to finish.

They first took my baseline test. The first blood sample is used to measure the level of sugar in your blood when you’ve been fasting. Then they gave me a sweet, sugar concentrated mixture to drink. An hour after drinking the sugary drink, they again, took my 1st hour blood sample and again, after another hour for the 2nd hour blood sample. They asked me to stay within the clinic while waiting for my extractions so as to avoid fatigue that may affect the processing of glucose in my body.


The blood extraction weren’t that bad, thanks to the very careful and professional lady that took it. But its the dizziness – my body’s reaction from drinking the concentrated mixture combined with the hunger that bothers me.

Anyway, after the test I rewarded myself with good food. No sugar.

Based from my results, I think I barely passed. “Think” and “barely passed” are the words because I have not yet visited my OB for interpretation.


My OGTT was done in MedCentral at SM Taytay and it costs Php 1,000. My health card ASIANLIFE does not cover it since its not a routine procedure for a sickness. (They don’t consider Pregnancy as a sickness – as most or all health cards do). But a bright side here is, they cover my doctors fee for consultation. As well as some of the laboratories such as urinalysis etc. Good thing that my doctor is an OB-Sonologist so her consultation comes with a free ultrasound (It’ll be a hassle and quite costly to pay for an ultrasound separately).


MedCentral SM Taytay | Basement 1 Bldg. B, SM City Taytay Dolores, Taytay Rizal | 0939-6072700 | 02-5703191


There’s my experience for the OGTT. I hope that I am able to help other pregnant ladies out there who research the procedure prior to having it as I did before I had one.

27 weeks exactly, 13 to go… and baby’s out!


Praying for a normal and safe delivery,

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CUCINA Breakfast Buffet

I am never a morning person. It’s a bad habit, me always having brunch and skipping breakfast in favour of a longer sleep. But whenever I am checked-in a fancy hotel, I am up by 7 in the morning… for I will never miss the breakfast buffet. And so on our Marco Polo Ortigas Staycation, To CUCINA off I go!


After giving them our room number, we’re seated and given our choice of drinks. Mine was hot chocolate and my sister’s coffee. Like any other buffet there are different stations: bread, sausages, juices, cereals, salad and many others.

Warning: Pictures overload


I tried the green juice and like any other healthy food, It does not taste good, but you have to consume its benefits.



They have different gluten free choices which seems to be the “in” thing these days.


Cereals and dry fruits, perfect combination together with a bowl of milk


Jars of yogurt and mixed fruits . I tried the yogurt and well, same thoughts as that of their green juice.


Here’s one station that I truly enjoyed 🙂


Of course, Filipino food at its best.


Sad to say, their waffles and pancakes are cold and the honey / syrup taste different from usual.


The vegetable, pancit and sausage station.


Bread with different choices of ham and cheese.

  • I didn’t get a photo of all food stations. These are just the highlights as there are plenty of them.😊


The restaurant is open from 6:00 am – 10:00am and has a very fine selection. As mentioned in my hotel review of Marco Polo Ortigas the staff service is impeccable. The foods are inviting and so is the ambience of the restaurant itself.

To end, CUCINA is a very relaxed place to start your day indeed.


For reservations or inquiries: or call at (+632) 720-7720.


Let’s go eat breakfast,

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Review: Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel

Ever since it opened in 2014, I have always wanted to visit the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City. But due to work, marriage and now comes pregnancy I’ve forgotten all about it…

Thanks to that one faithful browsing night in Instagram, we decided to have an on the spot planning and book their weekend dine, stay and play package for superior room priced at Php 5,800 in total for 2 guests overnight stay. So comes the weekend, we had our staycation!

A complimentary parking is available for guests, and if you have a companion who wants to park in their building they charge a fee of Php 100 for the first three hours.


Checking in was a breeze because of the prompt and courteous receptionist.

Their lobby is located in the 24th floor (ergo their tagline of Philippine’s First Sky Hotel) because the other lower floors were occupied by offices.




Our room’s in the 27th floor adjacent to the MERALCO building providing us a great view of the city and traffic.twin beds of pure comfort


Twin beds of pure comfort

All complementaries are complete: You got your mineral water, soap, shampoo, body gel, toothbrush, cotton buds, slippers and many others. But one thing that is very important and missing: They do not have a bidet 😦

Mustering all my second trimester energy, we decided to take a dip in the pool while my sister tries their gym which I find really inviting with their modern equipments and available gym trainer. If it hadn’t been pregnant I might have a go on their Treadmill.

And so I dip and swam to my heart’s content in their pool instead, which is  just the perfect temperature. They also have a jacuzzi in the corner which I didn’t get into as my condition restrain me. Their pool area in 22nd floor which is open from 6:00am-10:00pm is one of the highlights of my visit. I really enjoyed it. Why? It’s indoor with a great view, good ambience, tempting sofa seats to rest on, unlimited available dry towels and free cucumber water on standby. Not to mention that there were only few guests or almost none when we’re there 🙂 and to cap it all off they have one of the best shower areas I’ve been to! Talk about great amenities and superb service from all the attentive staffs.


Before bed time I did indulge a few hours in the bath tub. Tip though: Bring your own bath salt/foam that’s oozing with foam and scent because the one they have there seems bland.

* I’ll be having a separate post for our buffet breakfast in CUCINA.

Overall, The Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel experience is very luxurious, relaxing and simply nice. The room is spot on with all the great features, their amenities are well maintained, the restroom is clean, modern and sleek. But for me, the highlight will be that of superb attentive service from their staff plus the affordable price it all comes with.


MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, MANILA  |  Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City,1600,  Manila,  Philippines  |  Email:  |  Tel: (+632) 720 7777


P.S. This is me at 26 weeks 🙂


Nessy and Nessly at Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel – July 2016


Good Job! Marco Polo Ortigas… I will see you soon, again!

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Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

3 months before my due date, I opted to have a “maternity / delivery ” hospital tour in Clinica Antipolo. The hospital is one of my options to have my baby come D-day. Its 25 minutes away from home and is fairly new considering it opened last 2012.


The maternity rate depends on your doctor. Mine was priced at Php 40,000 for normal delivery and Php 70,000 for Caesarean delivery. As per their admitting department, the maternity package comes with a private room  (Php 1,700) but upon checking, the room seems small so if you opted to have a regular private room (Php 2,000) the package wouldn’t be counted as a whole but rather it will become a per item of availment computation.

rm 2


Semi-Private Room (Php 1,500)

This is quite a pickle as I prefer the regular private room. Actually its just the same in terms of room component, the only difference is the room size as it can accomodate more people / visitors.

room 1

Regular Private Room (Php 2,000)

We’re able to see the operation room, delivery room, nursery, NICU, chapel, lobby and all other facilities in relation to the maternity tour. I asked if they allow a companion during delivery and they said no because of the need to preserve sterilization, but I’m still thinking of pushing my OB to agree to have my spouse with me.

*** Update: I asked my OB If my husband can go with me in the delivery room, and she said it depends on him. Based from her experience, she said that some husbands tends to disrupt the labor due to panic or a different reaction upon seeing all the bloods and stuff.

lobby 2

Lobby and Information Area

All in all, the hospital seems new, clean and not depressing to visit as most hospitals are. They even have a pianist performing in their lobby if that adds to it being not gloomy. The parking is quite limited, and the nearest establishments are 7 minutes away in Robinsons Place Antipolo.


*** I’ve been looking for Clinica Antipolo reviews online especially from other Mom’s blog  and forums but can’t find any. If ever I’ll be having my delivery here I will post one.

Additional information updated as of September 30, 2016: If you have a Maternity benefit under your HMO (mine was Asianlife which is 30,000 for CS delivery and 20,000 for Normal delivery) and plan to avail the hospital maternity package, you wouldn’t able to do so. The case would be is you’ll be considered as a private patient meaning your maternity hospital fees will be computed on an itemized basis. So it will be more costly a few thousands but I think I’ll be taking the risk instead of not being able to avail the HMO’s maternity benefit. I hope I am able to explained this clearly or pretty much is understandable 🙂


If you want to know more about Clinica Antipolo, here’s their contact details:

Address: Lot 4 Sen. L. Sumulong Mem. Circle (Taktak Road) Dela Paz, Antipolo City

695-9480 to 87  |  695-9435

Email:  |


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