DIY Cake Topper

How many times have I looked through Pinterest’s Wedding Category… to the point that I’ve come to memorize most of the images that’s repeatedly pinned and posted.


Image grabbed from confetti day dreams website

I find this cake topper design simple yet charming and doable hahaha! Being on the creative side I convinced my then fiance to do just that. A Do-It-Yourself cake topper. I am appreciative of him because well, he did most of the work and I watched 🙂


We used an illustration board as a material but realized that it is too thin to stand on its own so we doubled and pasted it back to back, and put on a little wire inside just to be sure. Then we painted it gold and add lots of glitters too.

Come wedding day, I think it is mostly me and my husband who noticed it but then its the process of doing it is what’s worth it.


Our wedding cake from Estrels’s. Taste and Design at its finest!


Tap the creatives in you,

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Wedding Favors

Thinking of what to give our Sponsors as wedding souvenir is a pickle. Pinterest has a lot to offer but let me tell you… Common. It is too common and somewhat overrated.

Since our venue is an ancient house, it seems that traditional, filipiniana, classic and vintage are the words to describe our wedding theme. So there goes our tagalog invite.

My sister and I have always been the type of people that give “useful” gifts and my wedding is no exception, so we decided on a morning pack. Our wedding ceremony is scheduled at 9:30AM  and so it is just in line for that “Umagang kay Ganda” ambience. My sister woks in Indonesia and coffee and tea is abundant there. So she comes up with assorted jams, coffee, tea and chocolate bundle.


From there we packed it here in a weaved basket I bought in Tanay market at Php 35.00 a piece, tied marsala and cream ribbons, designed a personalized and printed the cards. Then voila! Our classic style “umagang kay ganda” looking wedding favors.



Sorry for the quality of this photo 😦

PS: These are for our Principal Sponsors only. We decided to have a vintage style photobooth as guest souvenirs. It serves us an entertainment while waiting for the couple and hey! Taking pictures is always fun.


I am soooo in love with our Photobooth! Thank you Pretty Prints Photobooth.


Unique and Useful achieved!

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All Roads Lead to Davao

To date, Davao City seems the place to be and its no brainer because of incoming President Duterte.  Due to time constraint, my husband and I decided to have our honeymoon here. We rented an apartment and I planned to stay there for a month but was cut short to two weeks instead. Anyway cut short or not I think we were able to achieve its main purpose… To have a baby 🙂

We visited several places while there and this blog entry will be a brief look of how the trip goes…

1. Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island


The place is tiring. It took us a whole day to get, be and leave the place. We rode the barge from davao city proper to samal island which only took 10 minutes then again, rode a motorcycle for 20 minutes from the barge area to the resort itself. I am not sure of the entrance fee but I think its Php 350. There’s a lot of water activities you can do like a giant slide, banana boat etc. The food inside the resort is limited so I suggest you bring your own food and drinks. There are rooms for rent available overnight too. They have their own barge too that can take you to the city proper, but it has a limited schedule only.

I enjoyed the place, but mostly because I was super high from being a new wife. But let me tell you going back and forth to slide and stairs is worth it.

2. Davao Crocodile Park 




It speaks for itself. Crocodiles everywhere! Small, medium, large to gigantic Lolong (statue only as he’s dead). There are other animals too. Tigers, Ostrich, Parrots etc. A zoo exactly. Inside, there’s a restaurant that serves crocodile dishes at Php 950.

3. Kapatagan, Davao del Sur





I cannot remember the exact names of the places we visited. But of all places we’ve been to, these are my favorites:

Camp Sabros is where all the fun of zipline happened. At an affordable rate of Php 850 you’ll experience an almost unlimited zipline activity overlooking Mount Apo.

Kublai Art Garden is art that you can feel. The gigantic statues are very impressive and sitting in a corner is all you need to appreciate the wonders of nature.

Kapatagan is the so-called baguio of davao del sur, but believe when I say that it is far better! The weather is perfect. Cold perfect!

4. Digos City



Three hours away from Davao city the place has a lot to offer. With three different Gaisano centers, Churches steps away from each other, Lots of food places to choose from and friendly locals, it is a great place to stay to.

Being a first timer in Davao I am solved. I remember my post in facebook upon arriving here:

Hello Davao!!! Wala kong ibang alam sayo kundi Durian at si Duterte. Surprise me 😬

Well, it really did surprised me! By blessing us a honeymoon baby… Somehow we’re lured to calling the baby “Digong” hahaha.

Visit Davao and maybe you’ll be surprise too.


Wishing your trip to be memorable like mine…

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Our Honeymoon Baby is here!

Since that first disappointing visit to my doctor. I researched and learned everything I can of what happens during early weeks of pregnancy. From forums to health articles and I’m glad I did as it tells me one thing: It is TOO EARLY to tell. It is a usual result during such ultrasound at that time. Most advisable timeline would be at 8 weeks.

** I was kind of irritated to the OB-GYNE who did that “Disappointing First Ultrasound” for mentioning Ectopic pregnancy as it really scares me!

Moving on, comes my 7 week and 5th day (I can’t wait any longer) and visited other doctor. Much to my delight, my husband went with me and I guess we just needed Daddy and its confirmed! We’re having a BABY! What a wonderful news.

1st us

With 162 heartbeat per minute and an estimated due date of October 13 we’re elated! A little trivia: My husband’s birth date is October 10 and mine is October 15th. So the baby fits just right in the middle.


Confirmed first time Mom,

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My Disappointing First Ultrasound

Days after my big fat positive in 3 pregnancy tests, I scheduled to see an OB-GYNE. She asked me when is the date of my last period to know how far I am on the pregnancy. I was exactly 4 weeks then when I went to her.

The doctor did an ultrasound and found nothing. No sac or embryo as what I would have expected  to see then she continued to explain to me that my uterine lining seems thick and that it is a sign that pregnancy may be on its course. Maybe is a word that struck me as there’s a possibility that I’m not. But since I tested positive in a PT, It means that My HCG levels are onto something, It can be that fertilization is in process and may have 2 results…

Pregnancy or Ectopic pregnancy, asking her what ectopic means – the embryo implants somewhere other than the uterus: which results to unsuccessful pregnancy that’s in need of surgery to remove from your body.

That makes me sad all throughout. The possibility of losing and such false hope envelopes me 😦

Anyway, she advised me to take folic acid and drink anmum in preparation for the pregnancy if it progresses and asked me to see her on my 8th week for confirmation.

Leaving the clinic close to tears, all I can do is pray, think and wait for the longest weeks ahead.

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Thoughts of a First Time Mom

Rockin’ it since 2004, My husband and I have been together for a long time. And I am very proud to say that we’ve pass different “legal” steps in our relationship. As college sweethearts, we graduated, found our jobs, then comes our wedding and now the pregnancy. No “teenage pregnancy” for us. We’re both very traditional that way and maybe because we never want to disappoint our family. I’ll say its very comforting to have the “legal” feeling. That in every step of the way, in every happenings in our lives, people are happy for us.

Anyway, for my very first PREGNANCY post…

Three days after our wedding we headed to Davao City for our 1st honeymoon. And let me tell you that based on my calculations, all the time that I spent there, I am on my most fertile phase.

I have a very timely period of 28 day cycle and so when I missed my period comes February, I have somewhat a feeling that I am pregnant.

Here are the very first symptoms I noticed prior to missing my period:

  • Hungry most of the time
  • Achy, tender breast and nipples
  • Always tired and sleepy

I took my first pregnancy test 4 days after I missed my period and It was a BFP (big fat positive!) honestly, I had mixed emotions. Suprised because my husband and I discussed that If its meant to be It’ll happen for us and If not…

History: Back in 2006 at 18 years old, I had surgery to remove my left ovary due to – Endometriosisdisplaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would — it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions — abnormal tissue that binds organs together. Endometriosis can cause pain — sometimes severe — especially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. 

Because of this medical issue at such a young age, My parents was advised by the doctors that I should have a child at an early age to avoid fertility problems and increase chances of conceiving. But again, my parents – being traditional didn’t pursue.

And so, back to suprise… My husband is prepared with the situation of us being childless. Whenever someone ask him how many children we’d want he’ll always say: God’s will. And I guess it really is His will because we got our Honeymoon baby!!!

But then there’s this other feeling: Disappointed with myself because I felt that I still want to do many things career wise. I still want to travel and those things that “no child yet” woman do and dream of.

But in general: Very happy, thankful and blessed because well, the baby may be life changing and all but this is what makes us a Family.
There goes my random thoughts as I enter the world of pregnancy, I am still very new to this so bear wih me if you will.

And soooo, the pregnancy journey began! Let me share something motherly to you on my next posts…


New Mrs. And Expecting,

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