Our Canonical Interview and Seminars Experience

Canonical Interview and Pre-Wedding Seminars (www.tribobot.com)

Last week is requirements week. From Marikina to Taytay to Rodriguez Rizal… Just thinking about it makes me very thankful and quite proud that we’re done. Just a month to go and we’ll be married!

Anyway, prior to attending these seminars I tried googling them in search of ideas of what happens and is very thankful that some thoughtful brides to be mentioned helpful details about it, and so as my way of helping too. Here’s a special blog post…

1. Canonical Interview

For the canonical interview, we are given a set of questionnaires to answer prior to giving our schedule. These are the questions that I can still remember:

  • Kung hindi magtagumpay ang inyong kasal, ano ang iyong gagawin?
  • Ano ang depinisyon mo ng kasal?
  • Saan kayo nagkakilala?
  • Kaninong desisyon at kailan ninyo nasimulang planuhin ang kasal?
  • Bakit ka magpapakasal?

The questions are personal and will somewhat give you a glimpse of how you and your partner stands on different issues and situations.

The canonical interview only took us 10 minutes, The priest simply asked questions about our relationship. How many children we’d like to have as he said that the main reason to marriage is to pro-create. He also discussed the natural family planning method and stressed that use of contraceptives and other artificial ways to delay or stop pregnancy is not in line with God’s plan for a husband and wife.


2. Catechetical Seminar

Imagine a half day of christian living lesson in a classroom. Talking about the 7 sacraments, 10 commandments and the likes. Simply put, A thorough review of the religion.


3. Pre-Cana Seminar

The term “pre-cana” is derived from the Wedding of Cana story itself. Where Jesus did his first miracle by turning water into wine during a wedding.

This is administered by couples who discusses their own family life and share their lessons learned and experiences as a married couple. The topics are quite interesting with day to day situations and how to handle them, how to communicate to your spouse, how to handle and educate your children, budget management, knowing your priorities etc.

They also have an OB-GYNE speaker who discusses the natural family planning method such as temperature and calendar method. How to time the intercourse to produce a boy or a girl.

There are games too where couples re-enact a scene reflecting a married couple’s situation. Example: The husband wants to spend time with his friends but his sister in law is coming home to visit. Will the wife allow him to leave?


The seminars are enriching and is really a preparation of what is ahead of you after the wedding day. There’s one thing that everyone keeps on saying…

Your wedding day is just day one.


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I hope that I am able to give you an idea on what is ahead for the seminars and interview. It takes time to finish all this but this is a requirement for your dream Church wedding. Anyway, you’ll be with your boyfriend all day so I guess that counts as a date 🙂


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