I lost my dog to Cancer

Kobe has always been special.

With his enormous weight, long four legs, shiny black coat and adorable patience and calmness to everything. He’s the perfect Doberman.




But his illness caught us off guard. Shock to our core and clueless in a way. We weren’t prepared to what happened. It’s a first in the family to deal with such sickness and God knows we tried, but I guess he has a different plan in mind.

Two weeks ago, A thought came to mind… My dreaded thought came to mind: Kobe needs to sleep. Isn’t it unfair? He’s still young and has so much more to give but his body is weak, really weak that everytime I see him suffering in silence it pains me.

Cancer’s a bitch! The evil C has yet again brought me down to surrender a loved one, Has yet again took away a source of happiness.

Everyone keeps telling me that it is time, but who am I to decide to take someone else’s life? Only God can… But deep inside I know it really is time.

I’ll always miss you my dear Kob Kob. Be with Ma your new master up in heaven. Until we meet again…



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