2nd Blogaversary!

it’s the time of the year again when TRIBOBOT grows…

credit of photo to: charity-matters.com

credit of photo to: charity-matters.com

At first, the plan was to simply make this a journal of just about anything, then a little over a year it comes with a purpose. Matured in a way that It now shares information. Useful and practical information for the everyday woman.

May it be of financial, travel, creatives or self-help among other things whatever the topics that has been posted here are things that interests me. Looking back, I am very happy to see the entries of this blog as a trace of my maturity… naks!

As I am about to enter a very serious phase in my life… THE MARRIED LIFE… The blog grows with me and so its about to have a wedding section ūüôā tantantanan!

But still its all about sharing of anything and everything under the sun, anything free and expensive and anything that makes life happy!

… and so, Cheers TRIBOBOT! Happy 2nd!

Let’s keep sharing!



COL Financial: Its efficiency and brand new app

I have been a COL Financial customer in 3 years now and I cannot be more than pleased with their service. Everything is just so smooth when it comes to online transactions. Right from the start, during my submission of requirements to open an account under their EIP program which allowed me to start investing with just Php 5,000. Up to funding my account and buying my  very first blue chip company JFC. Their efficiency is just what I need to inspire me to continuously increase my shares in the stock market.

Their customer service hotline: 651-5888 is also something that I should commend as everytime I call for any inquiries they always get me what I need. I haven’t tried yet their e-mail: helpdesk@COLFinancial.com but I’m sure it’ll be as helpful too.

Anyway, to add up more to their excellent service. COL Financial released their own App which makes it more convenient for us to check on our portfolios anytime, anywhere. You can also buy and sell shares right from it, with a few clicks here and there you’ll be able to transact in the stock market!


The COL Financial app is available both in IOS and Android. But if your searching it in either Apple and Play store you won’t find it.

You need to go to COL Financial website www.colfinancial.com then log in to your account, and go to downloads.

IMG_3952-0     IMG_3953-0

The usage of the app is user-friendly. It’ll come in easy If you’re already familiar with their online platform. All in all It let’s you do things that you can do via a computer in the convenience of your mobile.

IMG_3954-0     IMG_3951-0

Isn’t great? Now all you need is a good internet connection and a funded account to have enough buying power to buy shares especially now that the prices are crazy! All seems pretty red to me but if you’re in for the a long tem investment then it shouldn’t bother you. Instead seize the opportunity to buy shares at a low price.

COL Business Centre is located at 2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange road, Ortigas, Pasig City

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Well, there goes my two cents about COL financial and their app, and a few takes on the stocks too.

Claiming herself to be financial literate,


St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)

Last 2012 on my 25th birthday, I went to St. Joseph Parish as I have always been fascinated with its history and architecture. Rustic, traditional and quiant are the words to describe this piece of heaven atop the municipality of Baras Rizal. Right there and then¬†I decided that that will be the Church where I’ll get marry…


Imagine… this Church is around 300 years old!


If you’re into old things like me, you will want to have a traditional wedding here. As I walk down the aisle I imagine hearing a Tagalog song as I think It will be best for the ambiance.

IMG_1079 IMG_1071


Above is a sample wedding set up that Ms. Dianne showed us, there is another option where there’s a white cloth in the aisle, but I prefer this one. You can add more flowers and have a say on the arrangements just tell them what your vision is and work together.

Here’s some information about their wedding package:

Wedding Requirements Р Latest and original copy of the following for Marriage Purposes:

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate (with 6 months validity before the date of marriage)
  • Marriage License
  • If civilly married: Certified photocopy of Marriage Contract

* If not yet baptized or confirmed:

  • Certificate of no record coming from the Church where you possibly being baptized or confirmed.
  • Certification from the Parents

Wedding Fee: Php 7,000 – Wedding with mass and decoration (flowers, carpet and choir)

* Additional charge of Php 500.00 for video electrical consumption (If any)

* Payment will be done one week before the wedding. Php 500.00 Reservation Fee. Non-refundable but deductible.

Look for Ms. Dianne.

No weddings on Sundays

IMG_1068 IMG_1067

Additional Notes:

  • There are lots of space for parking
  • If you have a particular song in mind for your wedding march, you can have them play it.
  • No additional fees for Bride’s closed door entrance
  • If your entourage’s dresses are revealing you have to wear a shawl during the mass


Well there goes my first choice for the Church. As I continue with our wedding prep, I’ll keep you posted on other different rates and information of the suppliers… and anything related to the wedding.

St. Joseph Paris Church in Baras Rizal

Office Hours: Monday to Sunday 8AM Р5PM  |  Break Time 12NN Р2PM

Contact Numbers: 861-3155 /  0916-4088-952