Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (quite mouthful eh?) A Heritage Resort that truly deserves to be visited. At approximately 4 hours travel time from Manila, this place will be your sanctuary.

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Their tag line says it all:


How to get here from Manila:

– Go to Genesis bus terminal in Cubao

– Ride their Balanga, Bataan trip at 200 fare per person (in Lubao, Pampanga you will transfer into another bus – not sure If this is always the case)

– Alight at Balanga Bus Terminal (Cubao to Balanga,  3 hours)

– Ride Bagac Jeep at 47 fare per person (Balanga to Bagac, 45 minutes)

– The driver will drop you off at a street where there’s a tricycle that will take you to Las Casas at 10 fare per person (7 minutes)

We arrived at Las Casas at 1pm, and had an early check-in. See our room:


I love the four poster effect. The room is very elegant and old fashioned. That door with intricate design is the bathroom.

We joined the Heritage Tour at 3:30 pm with a very nice tour guide (Kim) – The tour lasted an hour, at the end of the tour, you get a cold towel and drinks (Sago’t Gulaman).

If you’re into historical sights and stories then this is the perfect place for you. I have always been fascinated with history and to be able to discover and stay in this haven is a wonderful experience.


Each of these houses has their unique story.


1. in old times, These are the houses of the poor, made of wood. 2. For Alipin Saguigilid, they’re only allowed to walk here so as not to be seen by their Amo, only Alipin Namamahay are allowed to go inside the house and face the visitors. 3 and 4. Before, If your house is made of cement and rocks, and has crownings – you are rich.


It rained during the tour, so they provided us with these disposal rain coats (I remembered Pope Francis ) 🙂



Some of the creative statues in the resort




Right after, we enjoyed the beach which is very private (I think there’s only 5 people in the area at the time) 🙂




At Dinner time, we went to La Bella Teodora, an Italian Restaurant. The food was great, kinda expensive (think Italliani’s) but unfortunately the service – not so much.


The greatest part that night? We get to walk in a historical and romantic park under the stars…


Waking up at 6AM on a vacation seems impossible, but just by taking a look outside our window I knew that we had to experience the cold breeze in this place. And so the first thing we did was to ride a bike at 150 per bike an hour. Circled the whole resort, took pictures and avail our free breakfast at Cafe Marivent.

Breakfast set of Rice, Fruit, Egg (Pair of 2: Daing, Corned Beef, Longganisa) with drinks: Coffee and Orange Juice.

Then to enjoy the last few hours in the resort, we once again toured the whole resort, took some shots, swim at the pool and beach.




They are preparing this building for the APEC event this 2015


One of my favorite houses in the place… Look at that color and materials 🙂

There;s this side of the resort that looks like a village. Very beautiful and the craftsmanship of each house is superb! Look in the details of everything!




These stones… imagine, piece by piece…




Check-out time at: 12NN. For commuters, they can call a tricycle for you and you just need to wait at the gate in the entrance to be fetched.



The reception at Casa Mexico

They also have a day tour package which you can avail at 1,800 per person. But what’s really special here is that most of the houses in the resort are for rent. At different rates, you get to stay in this historical houses. at One house, you get to have your own butler plus Hermes toiletries!

Our overnight stay in the heritage resort brings a blissful moment to relax and just appreciate the past. I am the type of person whose into history and culture, the reason that I enjoyed the place very much. I strongly recommend this place… Take the time off and disappear into a place where time stands still.

To know more about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar:

Bo. Pagasa, Bagac, Bataan (+63 2) 546.9123

Manila Sales & reservation Office: Mezzanine Flr. Victoria Towers, Timog., QC

(+63 2) 332.5338 |  335.3032  | 332.5286   |

Had a wonderful time in Bataan,

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My little steps to financial freedom

January. The first month of the year where everyone is given a fresh start, a clean list and everything hopeful…

Since I claimed 2015 to be a more prosperous year, and the year where I’ll really start to build my financial investments I decided to start it with a BANG!  At 2013, I bought my first shares of stocks. JFC (Jollibee, my ultimate favorite among my stocks) and to date, it has given me 2 dividends already. And from there, I know that this investment will be something that needs to be hold onto for a long time.

Personally, and well as most of the financial advisors will tell you. You need these things under your belt to be considered, not rich, but financially stable.

1. Emergency Fund – Enough cash to cover unemployment, hospitalization and other “EMERGENCY”.

2. Stocks – Amount you’ll keep and wait to grow, i.e: to serve as your retirement fund.

3. Mutual Funds – Amount you’ll keep and wait to grow, i.e: to serve as child’s education fund and other plans (house, car, vacation)

4. Insurance – To lessen the impact of your accident or demise.  (If you’re a breadwinner, your capacity to provide), Money to help your beneficiaries get your assets from the BIR. Usually cost 20% of the asset value.

5. HMO or Health Insurance – Makes you worry free from hospital bills.

I am not saying you are not stable If you do not have these things. But personally, this is how I measure mine. And knowing that I have them makes me sleep very well at night.

  • And just this month… I get to open my first mutual fund under PhilEquity – MF Product: PhilEquity Fund… with NAVps price of 37.32 I will wait for a decade or so and see where it’ll take me. But, from research they are performing very well and continually beating the inflation rate. To know more, visit their website: or visit their office at the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower. It will only take you 30 minutes to open an account.
  • I also attended Pesos and Sense: Basic Investing Seminar with Mr. Aya Laraya. And it was oh so worth it! You get a detailed information on the different types of investment. Can ask questions and get the answer of a professional financial advisor. You also get to take home a certificate. The venue is in the Philippine Stock Exchange East Tower, Ortigas. (That building is the epitome of financial literacy).



  • Back to stocks, I recently purchased other companies such as ALI (Ayala Land), ABS (Abs-Cbn) and LRI (LaFarge).
  • And lastly, I joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. He’ll give you a list of stocks that you can buy and give you advice on when to sell, when to buy and when to hold. Plus spiritual readings to help you find peace 🙂

You guys, can make me rich a couple of bucks by joining too – click here: If you joined through this link, Yehey! Thank you very much!

Hope you learn a thing or two, or simply just become curios enough to research more on this financial terms. My advise is very simple… START NOW!

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