The Giving Tree

It’s like losing a part of my childhood…

This morning I saw the TREE which has been in our neighborhood for as long as I can remember. It was so big and enormous that it covers most of the area, protects everyone from extreme heat and makes our place homey and oh so green.

But then for some reason that they think is so important enough to cut off more than decades year old tree, and for what? Modernization? Come on, We all know this is for money and politics. It breaks my heart that something as wonderful as that old tree who’d been there before these people to have to sacrifice for selfish and nonsense agendas.

That’s the second precious tree in our area that they cut off for road widening? Hell, I hate such reason. People can go modern without killing nature. It breaks my heart that I didn’t even get to do anything for the trees. I  hate that I didn’t do anything, like I let them down when they need someone to protect them, after the years they’ve done on doing those things for us, shading us from the sun, blazing winds and heavy rain.

I pity the next generation who wouldn’t experience climbing a tree, who’ll spend their lives looking in on screens and dependent on the internet for happiness, who relies on modern things for living. I hope they’ll have something yet to see, to see things like I did when I was young and everything else is simple and nature isn’t a hindrance to anything but an advantage to have and a priority to fight for.


Have you read THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein? It is wonderful and tearful story. Give it some time and learn something  that’ll surely touch your being.

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