Hello Singapore!

Most people had been here. Everyone got their own Singapore experience, and so wanting to see what the craze is all about, I find myself here last June 2014.

It was my first time to fly with Philippine Airlines, and I’ll say it was a good and comfortable flight. With my departure at 6:00AM, I find myself one of the first ones in Terminal 2, Breezy check in and just a few questions asked by the Immigration. (Questions about: Work, Position, Countries you’ve been, How long you stayed there etc… I didn’t have to show any ID’s, return ticket, hotel reservation etc.) Anyway, just be ready with your ID’s, tickets, documents and other files that’ll you need to present to the Immigration in case they need more from you.


Changi Airport Terminal 1 arrival area is modern. Getting through their Immigration is worry-free (no questions asked). The Airport is very travel friendly, They have different services to accommodate all your needs for the trip. From hotel reservations, transport services, tickets to parks, money exchange. Almost spoon feeding if my term is right.





























To go to your hotel: Go to Ground Transport Desk and Avail the Shuttle Bus for SGD 9. Provide your printed Hotel reservation and pay, they’ll give you a sticker and from there you just have to wait for the driver to fetch you. 


Arriving in Chinatown marks the start of my Foodfest. To know more, see Foodgasm in Singapore

It was our first time to stay in a hostel, and we’ve chosen Beary Best Hostel in Chinatown. I booked it via hostelworld.com, based on their ratings and customer’s feedback… To check out my personal review for the hostel, See A Review: Beary Best Hostel (Singapore)

Feel good Cotton Candy… They give it for free (somewhere in Chinatown. Sweet!)





























Our visit is 5 days and 4 nights, so we’re not in a hurry with our schedule. Taking our time eating, walking and getting lost 🙂


Since July is the month of the Great Singapore Sale we decided to buy my sister’s phone in Funan Digital Life Mall – opens at 10:30-8:30pm  **MRT Chinatown NE4 Purple – Clark Quay NE5 Purple (per research, they sell good quality electronics at good price here, plus we want to avail the GST refund.)

GST Refund (for SGD 100+)

  • Upon shopping: look for ETRS logo and present passport
  • Upon leaving SG: present ETRS Ticket / receipt
  • for hand carry items: proceed to Departure Transit Lounge (after departure immigration) then process the refund on a self-help kiosk
  • for cash refund: proceed to Central Refund Center at Departure Transit Lounge with Approved Notification from Kiosk



 We spent most of the afternoon walking til’ we found ourselves in Marina Bay Sands then to the famous Singapore landmark Merlion. It was a Saturday and the whole place is in party mode, there’s a dance contest somewhere and fireworks everywhere I don’t know where to focus. The place is so hyped! Everyone seems to be here, and I understand why, It’s a great place to just sit, do people watching and feel the cold breeze of the air coming from the waters.


Day 2 is Universal Studios Day! (but we didn’t get to spend the whole day here as you can finished it in a few hours). We bought our ticket at the Hostel for a discounted price 🙂


Best photos ever!


The not-to- missed rides: Mummy and Transformers.
One of my thing when I travel abroad is to get a tumbler or mug. And I got this Bumblebee bottle for SGD 26. (You get a free iced tea refill, just present the receipt).


After visiting USS, we went to experience The Skyride and The Luge (** 1 Skyride and Luge Combo @ SGD 15 /person, Super worth it, especially the LUGE…


Next stop, the Beach. How will I describe it? It is a beach with sand. Not much, but nice. As most beaches these days, there’s club and dancing near it. But I like to just walk barefoot.


For Day 3 see Singapore Zoo

We toured the National Museum of Singapore, It is a place to learn something but somehow I got bored (sorry). Maybe because getting here was really a hassle. We get to walk and walk under the sun combined with the frustration of being lost.


Anyway, after eating and taking a Nap, we went to see Orchard Road again and watch a movie. The 7.1 Dolby surround sound is so appropriate for the wonderful movie – MALEFICENT! (movie rate: 9.5 / 10). After a long day of walking, good movie, and delicious meal, We just need to sleep and rest well for our travel back in Manila.

From Chinatown to Changi Airport Terminal 2 we took a taxi and paid SGD 22. There’ a night differetial add on of SGD 5. The ride is smooth and fast. MRT opens at 5:30 AM.

Random Information about Singapore:

  1. Everyone speaks English, you just have to deal with different accents
  2. The MRT is very efficient in getting you anywhere. Buy the EZ link card and get a top-up for a minimum of SGD 10 to maximize your train ride. The card can also be used in Bus.Bus is a good mode of transport too. There’s plenty of Bus stops though, but it’s really comfortable.
  3. Food price ranges for SGD 5 full meal. Drinks at SGD 2, and anything fancier goes SGD 30+ (good for 2). There’s so many cuisines to choose from.
  4. Pedestrian Lanes are respected, You have to wait for the green light, rules are rules and you don’t want to mess with the law and pay expensive fines.
  5. Bubble Gum is a no-no
  6. Singapore weather seems the same of that in Manila. I’m not sure but I sweat different here 😦
  7. It is quite expensive. Especially the goods (souvenir shirts, mugs). Don’t convert will be my best advice.
  8. Come in July! SALE is the key word here. (Cotton on shirts at SGD 10 each, flats at SGD 15 each)
  9. Be mindful of the priority seating in MRT, it really is reserved.
  10. They have a lot of offerings for tourists.It is very friendly and information is easy to find

Souvenir shirts!

Well, there’s my Singapore experience, It really is something wonderful. Know your itinerary (It is always best to create one complete with info’s on how to get from one place to another, what mode of transpo to take etc. ) Have enough cash. Bring your camera. And of course, Enjoy!

Hello Manila! via Cebu Pacific

Hello Manila! via Cebu Pacific

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  1. Veeery cool! Many useful tips, Im saving them somewhere here, because Im sure I will need them someday 🙂 Singapore seems to be really cool, and its true that everyone that has been there are crazy about it!


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