Singapore Zoo

I love everything green and living. But what I love most is seeing them in their natural form and habitat, roaming where they belong and should be… Their freedom means peaceful and serenity 🙂

I know that the closest thing I’ve got to such thing is the Singapore Zoo. One of the best zoo ever… Hmm, I need to see it on my own before I agree. And so the long journey begins…


CHINATOWN to SG ZOO directions: From Chinatown MRT to Dhoby Ghaut Station to Choa Chu Kang Station or Ang Mo Kio (same MRT line just different stations), alight  from train then ride a bus going to Singapore Zoo.


(Somewhere in the net I found another route which we followed, its a very long and complicated trip, it got us lost and walking so far and crossing a very wide highway, tsk tsk never again 😦 My sister told me that If I were to blog about it I need to give the easiest way which we learned after getting lost and arriving at the zoo at past lunch time) and so our first stop is Ah meng.

Ah Meng is the restaurant inside the Zoo. The food choices are quite limited but since their of different cuisine, mostly Asian its more than enough to feed your hunger. I got the Indian Food, Sorry I forgot its name, but its very tasty. See more of my food blog in my entry Foodgasm in Singapore.


The Zoo is far from the city. Its so huge that you need comfortable shoes and a map to  see all animals. (Follow the map as it has a route to follow leading you to see everything and not miss some animals). If you don’t feel like walking you can ride the train that roams within the zoo for SGD 5.




Skechers Memory Foam. Very stylish, almost glow in the dark and comfortable like in their ad as if they got bed in their shoes!

Skechers Memory Foam. Very stylish, almost glow in the dark and comfortable like they claim in their ad as if they got bed in their shoes!

Warning: Pictures overload. These are not all the animals, just some that I find most interesting.

The Otters stink! But after reading the sign board I’m like ahhh, that’s why.



Inuka seems lonely, maybe because he doesn’t have a mate/friend. I need to take a photo of his head and bottom separately because I cannot see both at once.


These monkeys has got one of the best areas, they have a tree to climb on and can roam around freely. I find their super long hair intriguing, Close-up their similar to that of a damaged human hair 🙂



An interesting find here, on how TEDDY BEAR came about. Such a soft-hearted President.

I am not that fond of reptiles though…
DSC02146Seeing penguins for the first time, hmm, not that fun they look similar to an otter (for me), I know some find them irresistible, I find them normal. Sorry.


ELEPHANTS OF ASIA is very entertaining, the long walk is worth it. Funny and charming creatures. They really put on a good show. New fact: They can eat a whole bunch of bananas! and they like carrots too.

Kangaroo. I didn’t see them hop, but well I guess that’s too much to ask for.

This Hippo is so endearing, he is a ballerina haha! He just tip toes along with the fishes and go rounds in his space.
DSC02188Zebra, Giraffe, Lion and Rhino made it to my top list. Good thing they are all in the same area. They are so near you can almost touch them except for the lion, he is a snob.


I can almost touch them… almost.



Pumbaa's here! Hakuna Matata

Pumbaa’s here! Hakuna Matata

An interesting story here:

I keep on hearing myself humming “the lion sleeps tonight” and “roar”. Ideal songs for a place like this. Gets you in the mood 🙂 I hope they’ll take my suggestion hahaha!
IMG_2218They’ve got a souvenir shop that has wide selections. From clothes, footwear, toys, cards, and many more. Its pricey though…

I got this shirt for SGD 39

I got this shirt for SGD 39

Singapore Zoo is a great place both to entertain and educate, I recommend this for both adult and children as we need to see them personally to appreciate and value their existence. A great place for Family bonding. Just rest your feet a day prior to visiting so you’ll have lots of energy to explore everything.

The Zoo schedule is 8:30 am-6:00 pm, you may check out their rates and to know more…

check out their website here.

DSC02136Loving all things green and living,

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