Foodgasm in Singapore

Prior to going in Singapore, I have researched on the foods that I should try.. I’ve prepared a list of my must try but when I get there I get lost in all the choices, Super Asian Food fest! Thai, Malay, Indo, Korean… you got it and many more! They also have western, and oh well too many to mention. And so let me share with you a few of my food bites in this Fine City.

As always in our first stop, since we seem to think that we have lots of cash to spend we eat in a place that’s fancier. MY GRANDMA’S PLACE in Chinatown.





Their broccoli is loooved, that crunchiness is just heaven. And the meat in itself is boring to taste but once you dipped it in their sauce, it becomes special 🙂 The meal cost us SGD 37 but then on the next meals we learned our lesson and so we were able to spend less.

Upon reading different blogs, I saw that one food to try is KAYA TOAST. And so when I saw one in Funan Digital Mall – Ya Kun Kaya Toast I know I needed to have one. Ya Kun Kaya Toast seem famous because there’s a long line on queue, which makes me more determined to taste it!







I ordered their bestseller, and Iced lemon Tea. verdict? Hmm, the toast is okay, the coffee is okay. Not a fan of the fresh egg. But all in all the kaya toast experience is okay 🙂 total price of this meal is SGD 7.



I didn’t get to take a photo of the food I dig in at Universal Studios, we had a western food and so I got the classic burger, fries and cheesecake combo, this one is delicious and so heavy, It was an unforgettable lunch. I was so hungry from walking that I’d completely forget about blogging.

I got to taste Hokkien Mee in Orchard Road… (SGD 5.80)


Next stop is somewhere in a mall, it looks like a hawker or food court. They have hainanese chicken rice, but here they refer to it as chicken rice only. The softness of chicken and richness of flavor is thumbs-up!



My sister ordered a korean noodle that’s so rich in flavor, the soup itself is divine, added with a bit of kimchi then yes, you get real good korean food.


I have last tasted Authentic Indian Food in Hong Kong Disneyland because some Indian eating next to our table and they seem to really enjoy it and so curiosity gets the best of me leading me to order one. And since then, It found a special place in my tastebuds. 🙂

So, when I get to Singapore Zoo and there’s this array of Asian food stalls, I went straight to Indian Food and ordered their again, best seller. And I was so happy to see their usual metal plate and unusual combination of spices and ingredients.


Their food has so many flavors as if there’s fireworks in your mouth!

The food in Singapore is cheap (that is straight forward). You get to have a full meal with drinks for SGD 5. And you get a lot to choose from, the choices are so many it has become so confusing at times, so I just look in a food and try to imagine what it taste like and If I get hungry just by looking at it, then I know I need to get that meal!

Just an advice, try to veer away from common restaurants whenever out of the country, try their local food, not only does it cost less it also gives you a feel of familiarity to the locals.

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