Cash Dividend from JFC

Last Friday while checking on my email, A letter from COL financial made me smile :). It hasn’t been a month yet that I bought my first company and  I already got my first Cash Dividend from JFC! I am very happy about it and the continuous progress of the company.


cash dividend JFC













This is a very good start for me, I plan to buy more shares in the coming months, I am waiting for August which they say is the best month to buy stocks as the prices were low at that time. If it were true we’ll see…

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news and hopefully to inspire you guys to Invest NOW! I’ve seen in the news that we’ll have an Economy Miracle in the coming decade so why not be a part of it, and gain huge in the future!

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Check out pesos and sense for more information on Financial Literacy, they have a lot of good stuffs.

Here are some quotes that I really like from pesos and sense:






















Learn, Save and Invest 🙂

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