Go Banking with BPI


Banking Made Easy. Whatever bank uses such tag line should take a look on how well BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) does their banking, because they really made is EASY. With just a few clicks, without the the hassle of long lines, and going to their branch you’ve got all your transactions done in just one seating, all at your own time.


Simply enroll your BPI Savings Account to their Online Banking and voila! you are good to pay everything! One of the best things I got is their EPrepaid which really is a charming little card. It is a debit card that is a Mastercard so you will be 100% confident that your card is acceptable everywhere. This EPrepaid is enrolled under my savings account, so with my BPI app in my phone I simply transfer funds from my savings account to this eprepaid, all in real time. And another very efficient feature here is, you can check the balance of your EPrepaid just by going online and clicking on the balance inquiry image on their website.


I did an entry about this card, if interested click here. 

Another very good feature  which I just used this morning, you can reload your GLOBE/TM phone with their App.














Amazing, Efficient and Convenient. Good Job BPI!

I really recommend this bank… They are the best for me.

**note: I didn’t get any benefits/payment for this entry. This is all from my personal experience. They just did so good that I am ecstatic to share their good service. I am a very satisfied customer. 🙂

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