I just invested in the Stock Market

It was way back in September that I opened my COL account, and its only now that I get to fund and BUY MY FIRST COMPANY. In all my research, I’ve always wanted a blue chip company, the “for keeps” as they say… Since I am a long term investor, which plans to keep my stocks for a long time (we’re talking more than 10 years here)… and they also said that you have to buy a company that you yourself uses, or is a customer of. and so I bought, everyone’s favorite: JOLLIBEE.


Why Jollibee? First, Its every Pinoy’s go to food chain, every parent brings their child here, its food services – so everybody… well eats, and lastly, their branching out internationally. Opening in Singapore, Middle East etc.


I am really happy with my timing because I’ve decided to buy JFC last Monday but since the Internet is a bit slow I got irritated and log out, and so today much to my delight JFC whose sells for Php 176 went down to Php 172… and so I grabbed the chance. I am using the EIP account from COL financial which is a starter’s program with a minimum of Php 5,000 you get to buy stocks.




I feel so empowered and kinda rich haha, knowing that a decade or more from now that small amount can lead to big bucks 🙂

How about you? Have you done something to secure your future no matter how small that step is? NOW is the time, start now and live a good future!

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