The Manor at Camp John Hay Promo Rates 2014

Just this morning I sent an inquiry message to THE MANOR at CAMP JOHN HAY asking for their rates on a specific date in July cause upon looking in their website, there are no rooms available. And so wanting to make sure I sent an email… and much to my delight, they have PROMO RATES!

Maybe due to the dates covering such rate is that of rainy days –  Effective June 16, 2014 to October 15, 2014 but still this is a great deal considering that THE MANOR is one of the best hotels there is in the City of Pines. Anyway, here are their promo rates:


ROOM TYPE           MIN.                     MAX.                   REGULAR RATES       PROMO RATES

Superior                   2 persons            3 persons            Php 7,200.00                Php 3,600.00

Deluxe                      2 persons             3 persons            Php 7,500.00                Php 3,750.00

1-Bedroom              3 persons            4 persons           Php 9,800.00               Php 4,900.00

2-Bedroom              5 persons            6 persons          Php 14,400.00             Php 7,200.00



ROOM TYPE           MIN.                    MAX.                     REGULAR RATES        PROMO RATES

Superior                  2 persons             3 persons              Php 6,800.00                 Php 3,400.00

Deluxe                     2 persons              3 persons             Php 7,200.00                 Php 3,600.00

1-Bedroom             3 persons              4 persons              Php 9,500.00                 Php 4,750.00

2-Bedroom             5 persons              6 persons             Php 14,000.00               Php 7,000.00


** Applicable to individual and group booking; SUBJECT TO ROOM AVAILABILITY

** Over and above the MINIMUM Capacity, additional room charge of P 750.00 per night per person

** Rates are NET, inclusive of all applicable taxes and charges.

** Children 12 Years old or younger sharing room and bed with parents are free of charge

** Check in time is 2:00pm; check out time is 12:00nn

** rates are subject to change without prior notice

** Rates are for room accommodation only. Buffet breakfast is a separate charge.


Just give them a call for reservation.

E-mail Addess:

The MANOR at Camp John Hay

Loakan Road, Baguio City

Hotline: (02) 584-4911 / (02) 584-4892

Tel: (074) 424-0931 to 43

Fax: (074) 424-0956

and they have another promo which is for the month of April. Click here:

Book now and Enjoy your trip guys! Be careful on your vacation!

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