Savings is a MUST

I am very determined to make 2014 my savings year, and so I am building this dream one payoff at a time. I do the classic “correct” formula of


I’ll say that since late last year I have been financially literate, and I plan to learn more, save more and hopefully, give more… I listed the following points that I hope to cross off at the end of the year and these are:

  • Stock Market – I want to buy a share of JFC
  • Mutual Fund – 30,000
  • Sun Life Investment and Insurance – 4500/quarterly
  • Maxicare HMO – 14,000 / semi-annual
  • Savings Account

I know I have lot on my list, but I think with the right discipline and determination I’ll reach this and… woah! what a personal achievement It’ll be… Being 26, things are getting serious now and stability and independence is a must 🙂

Upon reading on different blogs and financial readings, I read this two theories in which I can very much relate with.

30 days

Apply this against IMPULSIVE BUYING

How about you? Are you thinking of the future now or you’re still in the stage of spending all your money with a “I’ll-reward-myself” mantra? The most important lesson of all in saving is : START NOW! as time is the most essential thing here.

Let me share with you some of my financial reads online:


I posted an entry about STOCK MARKET 101… If you want to know the basics, click HERE.


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