Wishlist destinations in 2014

2014  is planned as my SAVINGS year. So, I try my best to really stick to my budget as I have a target amount at the end of the year.

But every now and then, whenever I browse the net I find myself spotting the best places ever! and the good thing is they are just a few hours away from home. I live in Rizal Province and may I just boast that we have high end resorts here, with just the perfect view, fresh air and relaxing ambiance, all in without the hassle of long hour driving.

I have gathered the places that I planned to go to hopefully, before the year ends or maybe, even 2015 ends… I promise this is all lovely!

1. PUNTA DE FABIAN (Baras Rizal)

www.puntadefabian.com Before you reach the boundary of Tanay Rizal via highway, you’ll spot their super steep entrance (there’s a grotto at their gate). An infinity pool with a good top view of Laguna de Bay. And upon looking on their site, their accommodation costs starts at only 3,000+

Funny that I spent most of my weekends in Tanay, and I passed this resort everytime but never really get the chance to experience it. Guess, this’ll be my first stop when I start this bucket list.


2. LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR (Bataan) – February 2015

lascasasfilipinas.com If you’re into history like me, then you’ll dig this place. It’ll take you the past, as If you’re back in time where Spaniards still reign the country. All houses has been restored and get this they also have pools and a beach. What I like best and exciting is THE BRIDGE… also, for a price you can have a photo wearing Filipino traditional costumes (Your own antique picture!). I want to see those cobbled streets… hmmm….







3. CLUB MANILA EAST (Taytay Rizal)

www.clubmanilaeast.com  10 minutes away from home, and it is a shame that I haven’t been here until now. Several times I’ve been at the entrance as I go jogging in the area, and still I never get to enter 😦

With an overnight rate of 3,000+ (accommodation included), big huge, huge pools, lazy river, wave pool and other activities such as surfing and ziplined, this resort is all packed with goodies.I promise to find time and really dip in their pool sometime.

4. PASEO RIZAL (Tanay Rizal) – December 2014

facebook.com/paseorizal This has 2 branches; one in Tanay and the other in Morong. I’ve been to their branch in Morong and the nachos (is looooveee!!!), the place is full of art and nature, and you get to relax with good food and music. Upon checking on their site, they have a room to rent worth 2,000+ but they’re only two so you have to book ahead I guess… the road trip is worth it, especially in Tanay as you get to experience real road trip with just fresh air and no traffic!

5. THUNDERBIRD RESORTS (La Union and Rizal)

thunderbirdresortslaunion  Santorini inspired. La Union’s beach, pool, huge rooms, movie-set paradise. It’s all here. Though, the price is around 6,000+ per night plus around many hours of travel time. This should really be a well-budgeted adventure that you want to save for. But its the perfect getaway for couples 🙂



thunderbirdresortsrizal  30 minutes away from home to be on a luxury hotel with the most scenic view in Rizal. More affordable than that of its other half in La Union, at around 4,000+ / night. Biking is the most appealing activity here, as they have no beach guess I have to settle in the pool and go site seeing since I am not into casino which they have here.


And there goes my top destinations mostly around Rizal, with a few items on other provinces:) **Another trivia and something to boast about is that Rizal has the best churches… whether you’re into modern or historical portrayal of Faith, you will love those Architecture. I’ll have a separate post for them when I get the chance, but for now… Hope this helps you in your next adventure!

pictures are taken from the resort’s / restaurant’s website.



I am Inlove today


Happy hearts day everyone, may it be a special or ordinary day to you, I wish you’re well and happy.

DISNEY celebrity portraits

In one of my posts, I’ve shared a link wherein Hollywood celebrities are presented as DISNEY princesses


and it is awesome. Now, I’ve come across yet another fantastic portrayal of our favorite characters.

Visit the link here:


for the link, complete pictures and thorough information on the images.


Here’s a glimpse of some of them… (image source: ph.she.yahoo.com)







check out the link to see other DISNEY characters… It is awesome!