H.I.D Burgers (Cainta Rizal)

Nearby our office is a burger joint that one should try if you’re fed up off the usual burgers from fast food chains. A new flavor, mix to try without putting too much dent in your budget.

Beef, cheese, lettuce and bun all creamed up in a delicious sauce. These are the basics for your perfect burger.

H.I.D Burgers added their own flavor and style in this all time favorite meal. We visited last Wednesday after office, to satisfy our craving… and so we go… and we went home HAPPY and FULL 🙂


I ordered the Bacon Mushroom Melt with add on fries and It is delightful! The next time I go there I’ll have the Sicilian Burger.


Bacon Mushroom Melt with add on fries (Php 110 + 40)

A few comments though: The serving is quite slow (we waited for more than 10 minutes), the beverages are sold in a different store (which is next door), not too much light in the dining area. The place is not air-conditioned (but I find this okay :)).



It is in the corner of Phoenix Gas Station (before Vista Verde – If you’re from junction), so parking for your vehicle is never a problem.

For a budget of Php 175 you’re all set to a good burger meal.


Go visit and munch on these goodies!

See the menu:



  • Location: Phoenix Gas Station, Imelda Avenue Cainta, Rizal
  • Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00am – 2:00am
  • Delivery: 217-8086



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