Tagaytay 2014

These days are the best ones to go travelling in Tagaytay… The cold breeze will keep you energized for a long day of adventure.

We spend a whole day going around… with packed food, a few bucks and good company, we’re ready to go!

Rowena’s, The Pink sisters convent, Picnic Grove, People’s park and Sky Ranch is our itinerary. Our first stop was Rowena’s as we want our pockets full upon buying pasalubongs and we fear that it’ll be closed when we go home. Next is the pink sisters convent, wherein we get to have peace and guidance. The chapel speaks of silent sanctuary so you get to pray and write your petition after.





Just in time for lunch, we arrived at Picnic grove to eat… It really is windy! but this is best place for me on the trip as this is where I really laugh so hard my heart aches to the point that its hard to breathe 🙂 (talk about good times) we paid for an entrance fee of Php 50.00



People’s park was a disappointment as it really is old and abandoned. (imagine a set for an action movie where they keep their hostage), we paid for an entrance fee worth Php 30.00. There are a lot of souvenir shops in the parking area, The shirts ranges from Php 120-150 depending on the size.



The highlight of the day was our Sky Ranch experience which I reviewed in another entry.


Our last stop was in Mahogany market where we buy fruits and eat bulalo. They have an area where there’s an array of carinderias serving the famous special bulalo and tawilis. (Prices: Bulalo 350 good for 4 pax and tawilis 400 good for 6 pax)… Try them as they’re really a comfort food on that cold temperature.


So there goes my Tagaytay 2014 experience.



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