SKYRANCH Amusement Park

Amusement Parks has always been a hit to children and to the child at heart which is most of us. We all crave for adrenaline rush, that wonderful feeling of excitement… there are only few choices when it comes to such parks in the country, and so we are thankful that another one launches late last year…


SKYRANCH beside Taal Vista Hotel is the newly opened amusement park in the country. Compared to your usual park which is large in size, this may seem little. But it very well compensates on other things, view and fresh air.

With Tagaytay’s cold weather you’ll never feel tired here. Best to spend the day with family and friends, the place has a lot to offer.

Based from our visit last January 11. There are 2 rides that I recommend – SUPER VIKING which offers a 12 minute arm waving and screaming reactions. For me, this is more exciting than Anchors Away…





Then after that rush, you can go easy (unless you’re afraid of heights) with SKY EYE, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country to date, but it only goes at one round… so this come in as a little disappointment.

Fact: Sky Eye, at 63 meters (207 ft),  MOA Eye at 55 meters (180 ft), and the Enchanted Kingdom’s Wheel of Fate at 130ft.




There are numerous rides appropriate for children, they will enjoy more with the mini viking, nessie coaster, express train, orb and others. Restaurants such as Leslie’s, KFC, Kenny Rogers etc are available in the area. They also have a venue (tent style) for your events. Horseback riding is also available at Php 250 / 30 minutes.






I have posted ticket prizes for your reference. They do not have a ride all you can ticket, so you really have to buy one of each for every ride. As for their entrance fee, they have a half price off discount which will last until May 2014. So for a hundred you’ll only pay Php 50. Taal Vista Checked-In guest get in for free, and Kids below 3 ft are free for the entrance fee and the carousel ride. Park schedule is from 8AM-10PM. They also charge for Parking fee worth Php 50.


Contact No.: 862.77.01 / 862.77.04
Address: Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay (Beside Taal Vista Hotel)

Visit and experience this new place and go home happy 🙂


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