A Libra’s guide to 2014

2014 is finally here… What’s ahead has always been a question to all of us whose curious. A glimpse of the future has always been a dream, Thankfully, there are horoscopes, astrology, card reading etc… that’s gives us an impression if not a reality of what is ahead.

And so for Libras like me, let’s see what 2014 will somehow look like.


Career would go into a phase of expansion after July 2014. There would be rise in activity, opportunities, expansion & hard work. While gains might not be to your expectation but still there would be some exceptional expansion and exposure to new areas.

A temptation to indulge in dangerous or illegal activity could come up too. You need to say no, clearly and without any doubts.

An overall easing of pressures and the beginning of a steadier period at work would commence after November 2014.


2014 will be not easy in terms of relationships during the first half of the year. Since last year there has been a trend of being dissatisfied in relationships whether in marriage or romance. This is largely due to an over expectation or unrealistic expectations from partner. This trend would continue till July 2014, once you cross this period your level of satisfaction will return in relationships once again. Even your personal temperament which had become very tough and demanding over the last one year would ease out substantially after July this year. There are chances that after this phase gets over; you might rush into a relationship which is not totally overboard. Certain secret relationships and connections are possible in the second half of the year.

Love life will be interesting and positive for you during the months of April, mid July to early August, September, mid October to mid November and most of December 2014. Second half of the year is more conducive towards building up better relationships


2014 would start off on an average footing as the year commences. Your expenses would be high & unnecessary expenses would come about mostly during January. Luck would support you till March, after which there would be high chances of losing money, wasteful expenses & indulgences as well as possibility of a severe financial crunch. This phasewould continue till May 2014 & utmost care as well as planning is required in finances.


Family matters might become a bit challenging. You need to be very careful about how you speak, because you might loose people around you due to your speech. Decision making could be very unreliable during the month of January 2014. Avoid major decisions. Overall still a good year.

This is just an impression, a guide of what’s in the future. Keep in mind that It is you who create your future, through your decisions, talents and relationship to others.

Just to add, here are some images that’ll describe a Libra.




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