Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

2013 has not been a healthy year for me. Just before the year ends I’ve seen myself in and out the hospital. Last week, Me and my sister had Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever – spending five days confined in a room is boring. I even just looked in walls for an hour one time.

Tracing back the place where we get bit by that female mosquito, we tracked it to Cainta Church. We’ve sat on a rock where mosquitoes fly at five in the afternoon, seeing us as food… bam! A few days after we got the fever.

Being a dengue patient got me thinking that we really need to be careful. There’s no exception. We are all at risk.

And so, I’ve gathered some DENGUE INFOGRAPHICS to share and I hope this’ll help us to get a clear understanding of the danger of this mosquito bite.







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