INCOMING!!! 2014

Incoming!!! 2014 is very near… are you ready?

Happy New Year 2014

What’s your goal next year? Career development? Travel? Marriage? Financial freedom?

Since I haven’t been too healthy this year, I decided to give myself the GIFT OF HEALTH. Eat more fruits and vegetables, AVOID MEAT, exercise – sweat it all out. I’ve been too lazy this year, that just a few steps of stair tires me out!

This would be my 3rd year on trying this goal, I hope that this’ll be the year: TO LEARN, TO SAVE AND TO DONATE. (fingers crossed)

Determined, TRIBOBOT 🙂



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Racing Theme Party

A few weeks ago we had a Christmas Party event with a racing theme for a BPO Company.

It really is a hot car as it can stand by itself and look so good. Sleek, fast and dangerous are the words that come to mind once this Ferrari is seen.

photo (2)


I am not that much into motorcycles but this one sure does captured my interest.

photo (1)

Anyway, just sharing the experience of being near such vehicles… exciting and boring at the same time, as I never get to ride any of it hahaha!!! 🙂



It’s the Season to be Jolly… FALALALALALALA

Iba talaga ang pasko sa Pinas’… Sounds cliche but true.


Comes September you’ll hear people saying “ber” months na. The excitement of people for the occasion is unquestionable. It is a big deal to us fellows. We look forward to it so much because it really is the season to be happy and generous.

The week of December 25th is always crucial, especially if you deal with traffic, shopping, parties – The Christmas Rush which can both be tiring yet all worth it.

I’ve never had my Christmas away from home, and If ever I do, I think I will miss it so bad 😦

P.S: I’ve dressed up Bobot for the occasion, I have to repair his tuxedo because he’d gotten so fat that size 12 doesn’t fit him.

DSC01401 new DSC01411 new

DSC01417 new


Christmas Pug Reminder…

Anyway, from my family to yours… MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013.

Keep Blogging and Stay Happy!!!

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Loving the Season, TRIBOBOT 🙂

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

2013 has not been a healthy year for me. Just before the year ends I’ve seen myself in and out the hospital. Last week, Me and my sister had Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever – spending five days confined in a room is boring. I even just looked in walls for an hour one time.

Tracing back the place where we get bit by that female mosquito, we tracked it to Cainta Church. We’ve sat on a rock where mosquitoes fly at five in the afternoon, seeing us as food… bam! A few days after we got the fever.

Being a dengue patient got me thinking that we really need to be careful. There’s no exception. We are all at risk.

And so, I’ve gathered some DENGUE INFOGRAPHICS to share and I hope this’ll help us to get a clear understanding of the danger of this mosquito bite.






I learned Adobe Illustrator (AI) thru YouTube

As I mentioned somewhere here in my blog, the first program I’ve learned in the Adobe line-up was the Illustrator. Vector and its wonders amazes me, of what you can do and still get that image quality. I learned editing just by watching on youtube… Those tutorials are very helpful. Reading is good but hands on is the thing to do If you really want to get the hand of it. Practice, practice, practice!!!

I created / customized a website for my works. It is a portfolio but still on its humble beginning.

To give you a glimpse, these are my works way back JUNE 2012
















All FA are created using Adobe Illustrator CS6