The Anxiety of Going Under the Knife for the 2nd Time

My tolerance for pain has always been low, but I guess I can never escape it. At the age of 26, Once again, I’ll be sedated and surrender my body in the hands of a surgeon. Going under an operation for the second time is just like the first time but I guess with a little maturity on my part that “That’s life!… you just take in what it offers and learn from it.” Having been in this situation reminds me of my experience seven years ago. I had a major operation which leads me to lost something precious 😦 but anyway I wouldn’t get into details.

And so back to where am I now, tomorrow at 3 pm I will sleep and wake up with a change. I am envisioning a positive result, so please state a silent prayer for me If you’ve read this 🙂 I feel this way because I think I am in good hands. Go Doctor! Make me well.


After this, I’ll be declaring a change in my lifestyle. A better, stronger and healthier me will be born.

good health, better me.



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