FOREVER 25 (Happy Birthday TRIBOBOT!)

I just turned 26 last Tuesday and yes, I still claim to be 25. I stopped aging last year so FOREVER 25 I’ll be 🙂

Good food, Good friends, Good love = GREAT LIFE! But the highlight of my day was my visit to St. Joseph Parish Church in Baras Rizal. In here, I find the most blessed place yet. Since it was a weekday, there is no mass or activity in the Church… We arrived there at around 5 in the afternoon, and there it was: empty, peaceful and serene. What makes it super special is the Christian song playing, there I was praying and I can literally feel his presence, such a wonderful gift it has been.

Just a recent discovery of myself, I die for old churches. Their history, smell of rustic and feel of old century makes me feel heaven and high. Right then and there I told myself: This is the Church where I’ll get married! 🙂




Sorry for the low quality of photos.

Another highlight would be my pre-birthday event, the ALA PITCH PERFECT SHOWDOWN in the grounds of UP Diliman. Right after buying too many isaw and dirty ice cream, as we stand in a vacant lot – The Tournament Begins.



Again, Sorry for the low quality of photos.

So there FOREVER 25! I wish to, again – SAVE, LEARN and DONATE. This time, I hope to mean and do it. 


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