My Lifetime’s Bucket List (Part 1)

It’s time to step up and live your dream life, one that’s full of adventure and excitement. Do not go on living year after year stuck in routine that bores you and comes to the point that you’re miserable because you are so afraid of risk and failure… the next thing you know you are too old and fragile to try out such things in life.


Originally, this is planned to be “30 things to do before you turn 30”. But then this got me thinking that we have too much responsibilities, schedule to live up with and financial issues with hinders us to do such things in a limited time. so I’ll be changing this to “My Lifetime’s Bucket List”.

(Feel free to put an imaginary check as you go along for the things you’ve considered done)

Here’s the list:

  1. Run a Marathon
  2. Travel to other Countries
  3. Go to a classical music concert
  4. Vote
  5. Climb a Mountain / Go to a Camping trip
  6. Write a Book
  7. Learn to play an Instrument
  8. Learn to Cook
  9. Go Vegetarian for a month
  10. Have my own website
  11. Plant a Tree
  12. Experience snow
  13. Invest in the Stock Market
  14. Enjoy a 5 meal course
  15. Learn how to drive a manual car / experience driving a dump truck
  16. Go to a concert
  17. Learn how to do your own make up
  18. See a Broadway show
  19. Watch a Classic Film
  20. Ride an Extreme Rollercoaster
  21. Go on a Retreat
  22. Have a part-time job / sideline
  23. Experience living in a different country for a few years
  24. Have an amount (that you wouldn’t be ashamed of) in your Bank Account
  25. Get something / Be published (be published in a newspaper  / Appear on TV or Radio or Net)
  26. Join a Rally
  27. Volunteer / Be part of an Organization
  28. Wear a Mascot
  29. Color your hair in a totally different color
  30. Get a Tattoo

There’s goes the list on top of my head, and things I consider that are really doable. I’ll be creating a part 2 with the same topic to give way to more extreme things and others that didn’t make this one.

A lot of adventure is still out there! try it out so you’ll have more things to smile about rather than being regretful that you missed it.


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