8 ways to Green Living

As pointed out in my post Under State of Calamity… again,

The Climate has already CHANGED. There is no turning back now. We need to start changing our ways, The seriousness of the subject has become very alarming that it has affected millions of people. I believe that more of such events are about to come in the future. Preparation is a necessity.

What could be the solution?

Green Living has always been an option. We apply some of it, or to some completely ignore it. We need this, we need to start doing this. It’ll help us.

Given this point, I’d like to add a few of my thoughts regarding the matter wherein all of us should be involved. Cooperation is needed to succeed and prevent further calamities.

So here are 8 ways to Green Living:

1. Reuse scratch papers for printing / writing on informal notes.

2. Prefer commuting over driving your own car.

3. Walking and Biking are always good and efficient alternatives.

benefits of a bicycle

benefits of a bicycle

4. Bring your own bag  / eco bag when going shopping.

5. Buy products that are made of recycled goods. (papers, tissue, pencil, ballpen etc.)

6. Put trash accordingly.



8. Go Paperless – i.e Billing, magazine.

These are just the basics, everything on the list can be easily done… So, why don’t we start now and make it a habit.

fun fact: To change your pattern of thoughts, you need 26 to 30 days of bombarding yourself with the new pattern.

Let’s do our part and help save Mother Nature!


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