August 26, 2013 a day when the real voices of the Philippine nation was heard.

The Pork Barrel / Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) issue has stirred lots of emotion to Filipino citizens launching a massive reaction which leads to the million people march in luneta, Manila.

The good thing here is that there are no specific leaders of the call. Just a simple post in social media that has been liked, commented and shared. The white shirt which reflects transparency emphasizes that there is no any representation of organization whatsoever. The message is clear – The taxpayers had enough!

images (1)

It was disappointing to see the government’s action regarding the issue. There are too many politicians involved that will make you question their integrity. As seen on the news, their manner and policy of releasing such big funds to questionable organizations can either reflect on them being inept, stupid or greedy.



There are different estimations on the number of people who joined the rally – 80,000 the least and up to 400,000 maximum. Whatever the numbers are the diversity of the attendees are overwhelming. From students, religious people, celebrities, corporate workers, blue collar people, from group of friends to families.

Others who are not in Luneta also took their part by participating in online discussions. Official hash stags also topped the trending topics of the day #millionpeoplemarch and #scrappork.


Now, the question is… What would happen next? How will this issue be solved and what action will be done to all these? Let’s hope that we’ll get something out of it,. After all, the people have spoken… Love our country, it is the only place that we can really call ours.

*credit of photos to sun and inquirer.


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