Next Project: Blackboard Wedding backdrop

Yesterday, A friend asked a designer’s favor – to create a backdrop for her brother’s wedding.

I have the perfect idea in mind.. I’ve seen such designs in the net and I hope to create my own version. The plan is to use Adobe Illustrator so as to have the full advantage of a crisp and perfect vector. Since the plan canvas / tarp to be printed is around 8 x 11 feet. The premise is that a maximum of 5 people need to fit in the frame area.

See the peg for this project:


PEG for the project - credit of photo from pinterest

PEG for the project – credit of photo from pinterest

I am excited to do this one and so I gathered the materials needed. Background and fonts. The concept seem easy enough.


But the finish product is yet to come as the names and words to put on the canvas is still pending. I will post the printed material in this entry once done.


Follow-up entry:

A few days prior to the big day itself. Here’s the finish artwork of the backdrop! Included here are part of the other signages…


wedding backdrop 8x8ft in size



monogram for the invitations


maids of honor

I am very fond of this project, as it has always been a past time to look in Pinterest –  under the weddings category, and such good, classy and inspiring ideas can be seen, that it starts to get you thinking of your own big day.


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