Want to Travel for Free? Let me Count the Ways…

Let’s be realistic here and admit that travelling is expensive. If you want that dream vacation you have to save up and plan it way ahead of time. But the following points that I’ll present to you will get you to places and experience something foreign – money free.

Each one of us has that dream place, A special country that we’d love to visit and just enjoy the view, food and see what’s it like living there.

So while waiting for your visa, money or whatever circumstance it is that you have to get to that dream place, Let me give you a few shortcuts on how to feed that inner tourist in you.

1. Watch a movie whose setting is your dream place.

Mine was Italy, so when I saw Letters to Juliet it gives me a panoramic and scenic view of the place, the vineyards, the streets — everything seems to be a perfect setting for that romantic movie.

To be able to walk in their cobbled streets with a cup of gelato in hand… (sigh)

Letters to Juliet starring my favorite actress - Amanda Seyfried

Letters to Juliet starring my favorite actress – Amanda Seyfried


2. Listen to their Music.

Music gives you that wonderful feeling. Just like a scent, it can take you to places.


3. Look into their Country’s Top Destinations.

Imagine yourself being there and taking that memorable photo. Also, It’ll served as an early preparation to arrange your future itinerary.


4. Learn the basics of their Language.

A simple hello, thank you and goodbye maybe? You can learn through an application in your mobile. I’ve seen and used several of these and they are really effective. They have quizzes and phrases with pictures. A sure fire way to learn the basics to get you started.



5. Try a sample of their famous dishes.

For sure, there’s a local restaurant in town that offers international cuisine, it may not be the exact taste as with the original but still you get an idea of what it taste like.



I've read that the best pizza is in Sicily... wait for me!

I’ve read that the best pizza is in Sicily… wait for me!


6. Visit travel blogs and read on people’s first hand experience of visiting the country.

Such blogs both entertain and educate me, Other people’s thought and experience are great ways to get an idea of what the place really look and feels like.


7. Know something about their history, culture and climate.

A story on the country’s top statue, Church and president gives you a local touch and familiarize you of the place.


8. Research on the famous people from that country.

Famous people and celebrities are always cool. Maybe when you get there you’ll be able to see them.


There you go, ways to travel through your sense of imagination. Not to worry, soon you’ll find yourself really walking in that dream place with your reliable camera in hand, because If you really want it, you’ll get it. As I’ve quoted in one of my entries…



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