Pen Tool wonders

A month ago, a good friend of mine asked me to be part of his team. A newly-launched / registered company named AGI LINEA  ENTERPRISES 

An Online Store selling items that are crafted, art-inspired and unique. The idea is to stimulate viewers’/clients’ interest through online browsing with great pieces that are rarely or cannot be found from other stores.

To be part of a promising start is exciting and knowing that I’ll be working with a friend all adds up to fun. And so, I dive in… my work is to trace / convert images to vector.

Let me share with you the pieces and finish products.


boat jpg


finish products

finish products

These are yet to be presented to clients and If luck is with us, then we’re off to production. Since, I used AI’s PEN TOOL here, let me discuss it shortly.

They said that PEN TOOL is the hardest thing to control / learn in the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – but I think not!

Maybe because this is the first thing I learned in the program (Adobe Illustrator), At first the nodes are really hard to control especially the continuous arc but once you get to practice and gets the hand of it, you’ll be fine. Take note of the following keys to press such as the ALT (to cut), Shift (align) and the pulling in directions. Tracing is the best practice, do it frequently and achieve great results. You can also put in your desired stroke (simiar to brush in PSD) you can customize and drag it in the brush panel and you’re good to go. Illustrator’s pen tool is easier that Photoshop. It really feels like tracing in your PC.

Just practice! maybe with your name first then patterns and soon with images. Just have the patience… the skill to be gain is rewarding. and as they say

Repetition is the mother of all skill.

So there, I hope my side line goes well… Always look for possibilities, do this not only for the cash but also to practice your creative skills.


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