Love the PUGS

Pugs… A very entertaining pet they are. Their energy, snoring, love for food, laziness for walks and unreliable barking are all adorable. These dogs are a joy to be around, they really can make you laugh or irritate you at some point because of the things they do either for attention or to get a bite of the food you have in your hand.

food lover

food lover

Those eyes are sooooo expressive. They really can control you I tell you! Those eyes seem to talk to you “Can I have a piece of that?…. Please?”



A pugs love to be the center of attention, they want their humans to feel their presence. From my experience you can never ignore them as they are sooo cute. Even if they don’t do anything, just the way they look is enough for you to want to hug them!



They are very loyal, I feel very special when I get home and see my pug whose very excited to see me, he gets all hyped up that I have to wait around 5 minutes for him to calm down because If I hug him while he’s hyper I get scratches because of his claws.



They really look good in costumes too!

A pet always brings joy in one’s life. Their loyalty is endless and they’ll never give up on you. I’ve read somewhere that a dog love their humans more than themselves, where else can you get that? Do you have one? tell me about them.

I have BOBOT. see the connection with my blog’s name? I’ll tell you more about him on another entry… but for now look at this handsome adorable dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

They all have something in common... their flat noses eh?!

They all have something in common… their flat noses eh?!

Pet Lover, Tribobot!

-credits to pinterest for the pictures!


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