memories of working in a BPO

A personal view of the night life memories of working in a BPO.

I’d work in a BPO company for 2 years, and needless say — it really is an all nighter! My schedule was from 9PM – 6:30AM. Like any other jobs, this comes with advantages and disadvantages. Now, let me enumerate them for you.

Disclaimer: These are all from my personal experience, and so if you do not agree….

Good Stuff:

  1. Free Coffee and good building facilities. The pantry comes with microwave, refrigerator, water dispenser and tissue.

  2. Cool temperature. Get your jackets out.

  3. Free food and other treats every once in a while. (A treat from a boss, a colleagues’ birthday, company treat, and any other seminars/parties). Usually, pizzas, coffee, pancit, cake, ice cream, pandesal)

  4. Banchetto.

  5. Easy transportation as every one is going home, and you are on your way to the office.

  6. Free gym, billiards and videoke room.

  7. QUIET ROOM (which secretly means sleeping room) but really it is a meeting room.

  8. Grand Team Building (They really pour their budget here).

  9. The salary is good. with night, meal, and transportation allowance (holidays are really an instant double pay) but of course, when it turns to Christmas and New Year it’ll really got you thinking if its worth it.

  10. Good and nice people (they call you by first name, so there’s the sense of equality and belonging. Based from my own experience, I felt like I was just in College where I get to go to school and meet my barkada. As what we’re saying before, we’re together longer than with our family and boyfriends.

  11. Your English will really be enhanced as it is practiced (required as we have the EOP policy) everyday. It’s funny when you try to converse normally and say some joke but when delivered sounds like (what???).

  12. The Christmas bonus is a month early at November!!! and It really is something to look forward too, as this comes with the 13th month pay, Christmas Bonus and you sick leave bonus. This is the richest month ever!

  13. The VL and EL are really good initials. My vacation leaves are all well plotted.

Bad Stuff:

  1. Your body clock gets whacked. Your days turn into nights. But in a given time, your body will adjust to it. but still, try typing in a computer at 2-3:00 AM you’ll really feel your head swaying.

  2. NO friday nights. (Your gimmick days will be on saturday morning for drinking sessions and sunday) and Mondays will be your rest day as most of your friends are already off to work.

  3. Your work is usually not in line with your graduated degree.

My disadvantages may seem few now, but these are the CONS that I can think of at the moment. I’ll get back with this entry If I thought of more.

Back when I was still in BPO, my job position was in order entry. So I never get to have calls, I only have few ones when there really is an escalation. but most of the time, you’re just in front of the computer TYPING. which gives you more freedom to tell stories with your work mates, Its you who will decide on how to do your work, as long as you finish your pending then you are good to head home.

I met a lot of good people in my past work, and they’ve become my friends. The type of job there is seasonal (a phase in someones life) its better for younger people, as it has a fast phase environment and learning is always a step especially in new programs and clients.  Do not overlooked the dedication and goodness of BPO in their Industry as they really WORK HARD!… their great incentives are a huge bonus especially their health program which I think is really needed in the type of work and time that people sacrifice.

The terms and jargons here are endless… EOM, EOD, EOS, escalation, ping, Supp, expedite and many many more. At first, It’ll get you confuse but soon you’ll be saying them yourself… The team is always important. Huddle (Meeting) is fun for me, atleast. Coaching is boring :I and many other things happens inside the production floor that only BPO people truly understands. I am happy that I’ve become a part of this industry and will always be grateful to the great and hard lessons it thought me.

Wonderful as it may sound, I have to grow professionally, and I need to find my passion… and so I left and become what I am now. no regrets just happy and good memories in this place that once became my home and family.

one morning after shift!

one morning after shift!

my team!

my team!

I”l always be the one to say “Proud to be Accenture!”

A good place to work, in here you'll be greater!!!

A good place to work, in here you’ll be greater!!!

Is there such thing as EOE – End of Entry? Well if none, this is it! 🙂



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