eprepaid of BPI, the new power card online

Shop online with this awesome card!

the all new eprepaid from BPI... shopping online made easy!

the all new eprepaid from BPI… shopping online made easy!

BPi does it big time, understanding the needs of people like us who doesn’t have credit cards but needs to pay online. The scenario before was, if you want to pay online it is either thru paypal, credit card or if you are lucky, payment thru bank deposit. but these are all in the past…

Meet the new my e-prepaid by Bank of the Philippine Islands powered by Mastercard.

See its features:

  1. Guaranteed 100% Application Approval
  2. No Maintaining Balance
  3. Use wherever MasterCard is accepted – at the widest selection of online shopping sites and stores here and abroad
  4. Shop in ALL websites accepting MasterCard®
  5. Use worldwide and especially online, wherever MasterCard® is accepted.
  6. Pick the card color of your choice, available in Azure & Indigo
  7. Valid for two (2) years
  8. Load up to P10,000 through BPI electronic channels.
  9. Load up to P50,000 through over-the-counter deposit at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch nationwide.
  10. Easy loading & reloading through numerous BPI electronic channels.
  11. Check your card balance real-time through text (SMS) or by dialing 89-100; press 4 for Express Cash and press 1 for Balance Inquiry

—– Enjoy instant discounts and freebies from BPI Real Thrills.

No Maintaining Balance, Reloadable and Mastercard are the key words here… great!

Now you can buy tickets, goods, reservations and more — ONLINE.

** Just an update, I finally claimed my MasterCard!


excited, TRIBOBOT 🙂


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